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Georgia, far from reality

It was sometime towards the end of last year that I was standing at the shore of Black sea, looking few miles far to the dark wooded mountains of Georgia. The interest they aroused in me while admiring them from the Russian side could not make my imagination think that about six months later I'll be lending in Kutaisi, one of Georgia's main cities. It was almost 1 in the morning and whatever has come after that was the adventure only life can paint for you.

The first day
Or to be more honest, it all started as pretty much dis-adventure, as almost everything that can go wrong, was trying to go on. The troubles started before we even boarded the plane, as my friend's passport expires in less then 6 months and she was almost denied being allowed on the flight.
My personal problems began when, at the end of the flight, I realised I've lost my camera, on a plane, and it was never to be found.
Solid on the Georgian ground, we reunited and started our few hours - middle of th…

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