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Frankfurt, the movie town

It was about year and a half ago when I firstly crossed Frankfurt. I was on my ''Eurotip'', travelling from Marburg to Brussels and changing the bus there, unfortunately only having an hour to spare, so the only place I've seen was the bus and outside of the train station. 

Despite being known and used as a regular transit city, my first and main association with Frankfurt was certainly the well known story of Heidi, that presented it in it's own charming way.

This time my visit was only slightly longer, again as the part of transit; and after arriving by train as early as 7 am on a Sunday, I had 14 hours until my bus would take me further on.

Again, the visit started at well known train station, only that this time I've also seen the inside, beside the renaissance fasade outside.
But another, best called ''interesting'' event has happened on that day in late April. They found a 250 kg WWII bomb in river Main and closed central river area to…

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