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The tastes of Vilnius

This post is a dedication to all the amazing dishes and drinks I was able to try while visiting Lithuanian capital.

Šnekutis First of them was a cosy old restaurant/pub, where you can try traditional Lithuanian food. We've ordered variety of different starters, from fried garlic bread sticks with cheese, to fried meat dumplings. As my main dish I chose Zeppelin, a big potato dumpling with minced meat filling and cream sauce. The meal was completed with their home crafted dark beer. 

And let me also mention their very affordable prices, most starters cost between 2-4€ and small servings of main dishes starts from 3-4 € on.

Žalia žąsis During our daily sightseeing, we just bumped into this lovely place, located somewhere between st. Anna's church and the end of Užupis, by the river just opposite the Tibetan square. Beside very free atmosphere on their big open terrace, they serve wonderful coffee and the amazing Ekselence ice creams (actually produced in Latvia).

Rosehip This is …

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