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Three countries, one island

You can always think of fraction that can turn something small in even smaller pieces. Cyprus is no different than that. Despite being divided into Greek, Turkish and even (still) British parts, it was able to successfully join European union in 2004. And if you already travelled so far, you of course have to visit all of them.

The Greek part

We were staying in Agros, a picturesque mountain village of roses with approximately 800 residents (and many more cats), but filled with so many things. As a capital of it's region it ?has? everything from kindergarten, middle and high school, to retirement home, big sports hall, luxurious hotel (currently under renovation), and numerous amount of factories and productions. Since many times being referred to as a City of roses, some of the most signature products are coming from the Rose factory. Newly opened blossoms of damask roses are picked up very early every morning and distilled to a strong and precious oil, that is later added to…

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