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Garage sale hording

Perhaps one of my favourite parts of living in London is never to cold weather. Even though I managed to cross paths with snow this winter already, the average temperature since I got back her was 10°C. Meaning you can walk around in small coat and without gloves. I haven't even took my furry hats out of the bag, and as much as I like them, I don't mind if I won't have to.

When I first came to London, I spent two months living in a hostel (which was completely amazing, even though very non productive). And beside fantastic atmosphere and all adorable people I met there, one of the best things was the day of cleaning out ''Lost and found'' boxes of items that were not claimed by their owners in weeks. Instead of just throwing them away (or whatever was supposed to happen with them), we made a ''garage (well, bar) sale'', where everybody was able to take anything they fancied. There was always enormous amounts of towels, left behind toiletrie…

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