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Small curls, big curls or waves... Whatever the mood

Not long ago I took a ''brave step'' and cut my hair after more then two years. The intervention was very much needed and I trusted my look to a hands of my cousin, who was very eager to try out new technique she learned from her friend, a professional hairdresser. Despite initial doubts, I fell in love with this new look and was even curious how it'd look if I would go even a bit shorter. The length stayed (for now), but the experiment wasn't over until (not very successfully and all by myself) I also put on some reddish dye. 

Once my new cut was settled, it was time to try out new styles. My ever dream was always a big hair with loads of volume. So I tried out different stuff, from teasing my hair to putting them really high with a hair clips... And since it wasn't such mess anymore, giving a try to my ever wanted big vawes and also small curls.

I found a perfect tool for the task, a Trio curler from Jose Eber. Despite not being the best of a beauty expe…

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