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There's no summer without the sea

As I've been working (or well, ''working'') for most of the summer, and not by the beach this time, having the proper holidays kinda slipped trough my hands.
Since I was a child it was almost every year that I spent at least 2 weeks leisurely enjoying my life somewhere by the sea, mostly camping in an old fashioned camping trailer, but certainly going to the beach every day.

So as the summer was coming to an end and even though there were some very hot days when we could swim and jump around the river, the feeling just wasn't the same.
So as soon as my position was over, I had one destination: the sea. Here are my highlights from the little getaway at the beautiful coast of Croatia.

It all started by settling in in Novigrad, a sweet old Venetian styled town existing ever since the ancient times, located up in the Istra. Featuring lovely small differently coloured houses crowning the old town street and alleys, with old walls protecting the city from whatever m…

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