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Lost in Romanian eyes

''Ai o hartă? Pentru că m-am pierdut în ochii tăi!''
I'm not sure what were my thoughts about Romania, if I would have to start writing them down at the beginning of this year. Eastern European country, a big one. So big, compared to mine, that we precept distances completely differently. All those scary Dracula stories I've heard as a kid, of course. And those other scary stories, I've heard as a grown up, of how Romania joined EU on the bypass, so Italy could get the cheap work force and then seeing columns of white vans passing back and forth. But stories are just stories, and mostly turn out to be untrue.

During my these year's run arounds I got a chance to meet bunch of Romanian people. Open minded, fun and enthusiastic ones. Who told me about their country's hidden beauties, traditions and amazing cuisine. After spending some valuable time together, I realised they're some of my favorite companions and great partners in adventures. And fin…

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