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Running round and chasing inspiration in Shoreditch

Before and after war known as one of the worst and poorest areas of central London, Shoreditch was  infamous for crime and prostitution. After the blitz during WWII, it was quickly rebuild just to fulfil needs of people, without taking in consideration any aesthetics and urbanity. Yet, claiming a property there during these sad times would make you score a jackpot by today.

Ever since the 90's Shoreditch is turning into one of the London's most hip area's, one that is instead of high end stores and yuppies, covered with art, unique places, small shops and creative people from all over the world. From the underground place of creativity it blossomed into a region of comfortable gatherings, where everyone can feel accepted and find the corner they'd enjoy. From eccentric pubs inside the containers, street food stalls and chocolate shop of your dreams, to a classy hipster bars, it's almost impossible to leave empty handed.

Art is blossoming from every corner of this …

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