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Chasing summer in Valencia

Although I loved Romania, it was time to face the reality and accept the fact that it's getting colder. I left only a week before first snow, and as a big warm weather lover, found myself on south-east of Spain, in beautiful city of Valencia.

I remember my arrival day, the first time I stepped my foot in the city, how I was stunned by it's beauty and the summer holiday feeling. I spent my day randomly wondering around, admiring an amazing architecture of buildings, all having sweet little balconies and incredible ornaments. I found the most beautiful one, or so I thought, until not even 10 meters later I fell in love all over again, with another building, dressed into soft summer colours. And then another, and another...  I could spend days just getting lost, looking for the loveliest places, many of them enriched with various plants or very vivid street art.
Yet, I managed to find my favorite: 9 km long Jardí del Túria, the main city park, that is hugging old historical cent…

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