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The lady in hat

It was long ago already that I was told no matter what I'd put on top of my round Russian face, I'd somehow look pretty under it. Inspired by the eccentric hats you can see at the Ascot year after year (once there was lady wearing entire bathroom on top of her hat), I put on a plastic tunel prop from our railway model, and well, it didn't look that bad at all.

Therefor hats became one of those things I'd randomly wear, even when nobody else does, simply because I like it. And the bigger the better. I have some furry (and faux furry) Russian hats to wear during the cold winter, some big straw hats for the hot summer (by the seaside mostly), and a small collection of those for all the times in between.

Not long ago my friend even called me her ''hat inspiration'', and on another occasion my hat was used as a significant prop in a short film, for which the actor wearing it even got an award.

So if you bother to dress up in glitz and glam, feel just a litt…

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