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Sometimes we just all need to loose our junk matter who you are, no matter what you do, if you're a random peasant, or a deity itself. And if so, maybe you can do it right at the God's own junkyard.

No kidding, but it's the actual name of the place. and if deities would have things to throw away, as we all do, they'd dump them right here. And divine junk probably looks much, much better then ours... Or who knows, what else was person thinking when naming this place.

Stepping in is certainly just one small step for a visitor, but a giant leap into an adventure, as with it you suddenly change a dusty warehouse yard for a real wonderland. 

The big storage space, probably 3 m in height, is covered in neon signs from floors to the roof, different messages and shapes hanging from the walls and the ceiling, or just lying around, covering every corner. There are eccentric statues, giant ice-creams, very special chairs and even amusement park giraffe that you can ride for few pence.

The god and owner of the place C…

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