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"I'm going to Sofia and I don't know when I'll be back"

A couple of years ago I made a friend named Sofia. Even though we met in Turkey it turned out we're both living in London, and what's more, have birthday on exactly the same day, same year and everything. So we decided to celebrate it together. Part of our celebration also included dinner with my family. And since Sofia is very lovely and memorable, a couple of weeks after my uncle was randomly asking how's she's doing.
Shortly after that Sofia and her friends were moving out of their house and therefore threw a goodbye party. At that time I was home alone with my uncle, who was also at work when news came in, so I dropped him a message saying "I'm going to Sofia, don't know when I'll be back". I slept over at her place before and I wasn't expecting I'll be making my way home late after party, and even though my sentence wasn't fully grammatically correct, I knew my uncle remembers my friend and will understand.
It happened to happen …

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