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Moldova, visiting the least visited country in Europe

I admit I barely knew anything about Moldova before I got there. I expended my geographical knowledge by travelling around in last two years, because before that I'd probably rater even position it somewhere closer to Armenia and Georgia, rather than between Romania and Ukraine. But that's where it is, and with Ukranian land obstructing it on the South side, only 10 km from the Black sea.
Sometimes refereed to as Romania's little brother that was part of the Soviet Union, it's pretty fascinating how majority of people is actually bilingual, speaking both Romanian and Russian. And perhaps English as well, which makes them fluent in 3 major language groups. Still, Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and also the least visited one. Or as my friend said to me before coming ''With 100 £ you'll live like a king!". And so it was.
Everything there seemed ridiculously affordable. Perhaps the easiest comparison you can made are tobacco prices: while in UK …

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