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Vilnius, the 'G-spot' of Europe

About six months ago I made my first Lithuanian friend. If you ask him, back then I didn't even know where this country is (to be honest, I knew it's one of those by Baltic, but I was never sure, which is which). Somehow after that, more and more Lithuanians kept coming in my life and I realised not just that I like them a lot, but also that they mostly have an amazing sence of humor; or sarcasm, to be more precise.

After great times spent together and learning of my first Lithuanian words - ''Rižev trapučiai'' (yes, everyone agreed that's so very random, but at least, in the worst case scenario, I won't be hungry, right), it was time to properly test my own sarcasm skills and to finally see where all this awesome people are coming from.
Luckily I did not start this journey alone, but rather with another adventurous guy. Once we realised how close to city center the airport is and since we still have the whole day, that we can just take a slow long walk to…

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