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Istria from the coast

Istria is a beautiful Croatian-Slovenian coastal region that despite its position by the sea and therefore many beaches, gulfs and peninsulas also covers some more inland areas featuring hills, valleys and other natural beauties. Couple of years ago I had a chance to discover some of the Croatian inshore parts, especially the charming little towns GroĹžnjan and Motovun . This autumn I continued with exploration on the Slovenian side that dressed in warm autumn colours charmed me just as well. Here are couple of off-road spots you might be interested in experiencing. Bites for the start As you can't set on an adventure with an empty stomach, our first stop became a colourful Konna cake shop . Located just a throw from the highway and the railway station in the small town of Kozina, it gain its popularity by the rainbow colours of its desserts and wide selection of interesting drinks. Entering the shop surely turned into love at first sight. The displays were filled with cakes and swe

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