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The quick escape to Polish capital

Out of the blue my friend gave me a chance to visit Warsaw for few days. It was something I really wanted to do in March, but between being 'busy' with this and that, it just doesn't seem to fit in my schedule. Yet when the chance came, I grabbed it with both hands, and less then a week later I was flying to the east. Despite leaving in the middle of the day, with change of the time zone and winter time still ending day early, I arrived into a beautiful sunset that majestically reflected in Vistula river. Despite complaining about the cold the entire time, I managed to escape somewhere even colder, as most of the places were still covered under snow in the time of my arrival.


Some of the beautiful and unforgettable places I was able to see in these few days:
Historical city centre
Palace of culture and science: I've first fell in love with this amazing colossal architecture while seeing the sight of some of 'Seven sisters' in Moscow. Despite perhaps be…

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