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A room from dreams

Beside all the incredible food places that I found in Vilnius, this is surely one of the more special.
AJ Šokoladas is a small chocolate shop, located in the old town, close to the cathedral. Walking by you'll notice an ice cream bar standing outside and perhaps the beautiful multi story cakes that are decorating their windows. But what attracted as to come in was a sign announcing a "chocolate room".

At first we weren't even sure what it could be, after all it's a chocolate shop offering a chocolate, right. Entering we were embraced by the divine smell of processed cocoa and sweetness, and our eyes barely notice beautiful interior of the place as they were gazing all over the treys and jars of incredible chocolate goods.

But back to the ''chocolate room'': it turned out to be an entire corner, with furniture, crockery, decor and even a lady, cat and a fire place, all in the natural size, made entirely out of chocolate. Many pieces looked so very …

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