Wishing you happy new year

We made it...all the way to 2015! It seems like a big step, but truly it's just a change on a calender. You can consider each day a day for new start, not just the begining of the year.
But here, let me start and post an actual outfit. I found it in local Orsay store. It perfectly fit for one of more classy (post)new year parties-I heared people planning that in our office. The colors are completly neutral, beige, so such dress can be appropriate for all seasons. It's made from light and elastic material, nice to wear and to feel comfortable. Lace at each side makes it looks more glamorous and also appropriate for an evening event.

I added some soft plush
blazer in matching color and created more winter and warm look. 


I combined dress with my black rough leather boots that created more rock style; and black woven bracelet.
I also love the design of the dressing room itself. This combination of innocent red and lacy white can be great as a theme for the party...or even wedding. 
And then you can wear the same dress as one of the bridesmaids (I would just consider more elegant shoes).



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