d'stars got fuzzy warmth

This outfit represents all the colors seen through window now. Black night sky, white snow and some sparkling lights. 

  I combined it all in this amazing knitted sweater, that is it's own masterpiece of art. In it's black background you can find hairy stripes in the front, and big ''snowflakes'' on the back. 

To keep it simple, I combined it with TopShop mini skirt and to sparkle the look I put on Fashion Elle cotton leggings with very special endings and some pearl jewellery. 

And ending the look with b-w hairband...and toe socks (not very comfortable, but totally worth it).

behind the scene motion pictures


  1. D. this is a cute skirt and the outfit looks adorable on you... xox

    I really like the quote you left me... because isn't that the truth
    ''The winners have failed more times than the losers have even tried!"

    If you never try, you can never win xox


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