Meeting first fully electric BMW i3

It was about two years ago, when I first crossed the path with this electric car. I read about it in a magazine, article immediately caught my attention, so I googled more about it. And what are we even talking about: BMW's i3 fully electric car. It has 5 doors, it makes no emissions, every mile costs you much less then average, it's flexible, it's urban...awesome in every way, I guess.

But it's also BMW! And that's where my jaw dropped. Whenever this Bavarian brand is mentioned, I think of stylish cars. 

I think of big dark limousines for business people.

I think of chocolate colored SUVs for stylish adventurers.

Or smaller urban vehicles and sporty convertibles for sexy ladies (like me).

And then here's this, wearing the same name as all of the above.

Remember that time, when Kia created car, that looked just like Mini. (Kia Soul & Mini Countryman)

Well, this time (from revenge or not), BMW created a car that looks just like Kia (Picanto).

And now I finally got chance to see it from very close (no, no test drive, just peeping trough windows). 

I can surely give a round of applause and many compliments to all technology and innovations hidden in this little thing. But the only way I could ever match it's look with it's name, is going back in time, far to the days, when BMW was still driven by Adams family (Isetta).

And trust me on that one, I'm going to time-travel in the very near future (more about this next time).


  1. Amazing cars:) I love this chocolate one:)

  2. Thanks dear. No doubt that the powder is great for those who have issues of greasiness, sweating ... I'm a little obsessed with the black but I have come to change that. In this new season I love colors like beige, green, bourdeaux.

    Love the first :D

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  3. Ooh I'm a fna of BMW SUVs, expecially the X5! I'd go for the black version instead of brown though. :)

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  4. Very cool - love BMW! You look cute too!
    I truly hope this day is as beautiful as you are, my dear friend!
    Sending you much love & have a great weekend!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

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  6. Dani, I used to love mini minors when I was much younger. Lately more and more people are using smaller cars since they are so good on gas... the car is really cute ♡♡

  7. Wow, this car looks amazing!

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  8. I'm a fan of this car-- so chic and pretty

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  9. I am a fan of BMW. Happy new week Danny.

  10. Can't imagine all the things that will come in the future!


    NL. <3

  11. Who wouldn't like a BMW?;) I love them!


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