Random thoughts and random vlogs

Since I didn't manage to put together an appropriate blog post lately, I decided to share some of my vlog videos.




  1. Danni, your videos are cute, I like your cat Charlotte and I agree with you about pearl earrings. I wouldn't want an expensive pair because I always lose one too ♡

    I like your top in the last video, it's really cute ... oh and I don't like snow either... I'd be fine never having to deal with it in the future xox ♡

  2. I love your accent, its beautifull!
    I didnt knew those things about colors, I mean, for me they were just colors until someone came (barbie) and said pink is for girls and blue for boys.
    I love aliexpress but dollar is currently almost 4 times our money, so it becomes really expensive for "china products" (actually some things still pay off, but mostly get taxed).

    Xoxo and until later :*



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