Autumn vibrance

Most miraculous colors of autumn left us already, so from bright orange and yellow we got left with shades of brown and gray. But for an eager eye, there's still beauty everywhere. 
I figured out you dressing up you can make the dullest outfits look impressive, just ad the right accessories like a spice. And of course do not forget your heartwarming smile!



I've used a bunch of accessories here, from jewelry to belt and scarf in late autumn colors. This way I've turned my simple outfit, consisting of Marx T-shirt and Zara jeans into asamblea you had to look at twice.






  1. love the boots
    a sweet kiss
    Sara M

  2. Danny, I love dressing up a simple outfit with a pop of color and or jewelry helps to make the outfit special. You look lovely ♡ xox

  3. Cool accessories! They do make the outfit so stylish. Love the scarf so much!


  4. I think I love the pictures were you smile more than the ones you look like a model, but you are gorgeous either way.
    I'm too lazy to compose a look with this many accessories #shameonme


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