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Since the prom season is coming, I couldn't help myself to look back at mine. Reminiscing at the days when you knew one big part of your life is over and not knowing what exactly future might bring to you.

I attended my first junior prom when I was almost 15. It marked the end of my elementary school, where I spent 8 years of my life learning and growing up with a group of high potential and inspirational people. It was first event of this kind for me and we did it on exactly the last day before summer. We spent our most tender years together, so it wasn't just symbolic one, but the real milestone. 

We've prepared a humorous program of our own, attended dancing lessons and on that day, 15th of June, we received our first little diplomas, marking us as successful young people, separately stepping to next big journey of their lives. So everything had to be perfect, from event, dinner to our gowns. I remembered finding mine in one of the local stores. I already had another dress assigned for me, it was a cute, spotty one my aunt wore for her junior prom. So I tried this one more out of curiosity then need. It fit perfectly. The dip powerful red combined with cheerful, youthful cut helped me transform from the ugly duckling I was in school, to a prom princess and star of the evening.

My lovable cheerful look can be recreated with these similar dresses found at Millybridal UK. In more glamorous long or more youthful short version.

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While I loved my tender elementary school years, my highschool was a completely different story. As artistic person I wanted to sign up for art school, but I changed my mind in the last moment, redo my application and ended up learning so much theory that never let my ideas shine out. I neither bond with the people, so therefor I decided to skip our prom as well. Compered to our junior one, when 32 of us made it very personal, this was a commercialized event, equal to all the other proms in the city, with hired up comedians and numerous amount of other pupils you might not even know. But I couldn't help myself not to dress up that evening and later photoshop myself to our class' group photo.

This time I went for long deep blue satin dress I found at home, combined with very edgy Walter Steiger heels. Being more grown up and feeling like young classy lady, this look can be easily achieved with dresses find within Millybridal's Pink Bridesmaid Dresses section.

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  1. Fantastic dresses:)

  2. Danny, your blue dress is pretty, I love the sheen... I think we all need to be ourselves and not follow others... it's awesome that you do xox


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