Rooftops and Skybars of Vienna

There's no better price for a visitor then amazing view over city. One great and simple way to achieve this goal is to visit one of the rooftop bars that are place at various locations. Rewarded by enchanting glimpse, chance of amazing sunset or simply break from the street crowd, while in Vienna, I had a chance to visit 3 of them.

25hours Hotel

The first to visit was bar located at top of 25hours Hotel. Redesigned from a student's hostel, the building is greeting you with inspirational saying of ''We are all mad here''.

Located at Museumsquartier (Lerchenfelder Strasse 1-3), one of most cultural parts of Vienna, bar at the top floor offers some spectacular views all around the city. You'll be stunned by amazing architecture and design of the nearest buildings, as well as excited of high look all the way to  Stephansdom, Donauturm and Kahlenberg hill.

The bar itself has an amazing spirit. Beside some unique choices from the menu, as the amazing ''Ginger latte'', the decor itself sparks of inspiration and creativity. From cute corners inside, to cozy sitting on the terrace, seeing sunset from one of the great glassy walls was an impossible to forget experience.

Ruby Marie Hotel

Starting your day on a rooftop is just as amazing as ending it there. And what's a better energy booster for cold days then warm cup of herbal tea with some rum added. Our second bar visited was on top of design Ruby Marie hotel (Kaiserstraße 2-4).  Interior with numerous secret corners and hidden treasures from the past and terrace filled with colorful chairs, plants and murals gave you feeling of finding your secret zen garden in the middle of busy city.

Sky Bar

Located on top of luxurious shopping center, Sky Bar (Kärntner Str. 19) is a glamorous experience of it's own. Beside the main street in city center it offers an amazing view directly to Stephansdom and all the way to Prater's Riesenrad.

Beside amazing view and great place to gather for some drinks, Sky Bar also offers variety of dinning options with great food for very reasonable prices. I was loving my truffle risotto, while my friend was enjoying pasta with shrimps and tomatoes.


  1. I think the first one has the best view. Having a nice dinner there would be amazing.

    1. I had a difficult time finding the comment section ... so I decided to reply to this comment.

      The rooftop bars and restaurants are a great way to view a city or town... we have a few in Halifax but nothing super high up :)

      I hope you are doing well Danni... Have a great week xox

    2. Wow, amazing place and beautiful pics!
      Kisses, Paola.

    3. gorgeous! very beautiful pictures, Vienna is a dream
      new review <<< inflatable game for pool and garden >>>
      have an happy day, kisses

  2. Ohmygod I just wrote this massive ass comment but the layout wouldn't let me send it, grr. Anyway, I was basically saying that this looks amazing and that I adore the photographs and want more posts like this! I reaaaally want to go to Vienna, but I'm going to Venice in three hours so I guess that's okay lol.

    Little Moon Elephant

  3. Great post, love your photos. Gemma x


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