Fresh healthy spring meal

Since nature is reincarnating from winter sleep, we are again able to enjoy freshly picked plants and implementing them in our daily meals.
Usually all the green food screams of healthy and is also great for transporting iron in our body.

For my fresh spring meal I've picked some local veggies from the market.
I've prepared green beans with porridge, cheesy bruschetts and some salad.



First wash and cut beans, let them boil in salted water, till they become soft.

Cook porridge until it gets soft and sticky.

Chop some young onions. Slightly fry white parts, green parts can be later used for sprinkling.

Add the beans, mix them with porridge and improve with some cheese flakes. I used hard goat cheese, but anything similar to parmesan will do fine.

Heat till cheese gets soft and don't forget to sprinkle with onion leaves and some cheese when served.

For this one I've combined green salad and rucola.


 I've enriched salad with some croutones and leaves of young onion.

Fry crutones on olive oil with some sunflower and sesame seeds.

Mix salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar, sprinkle with young onion leaves and add crutones before serving.

Fry bread on olive oil until it gets crunchy top. On top grate some cheese and sprinkle with young onion leaves. Wait for cheese to melt.

Since weather got really nice, there's nothing better than enjoying this meal outside on the sunny terrace.

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