School memories

Although I dropped (and finished) school a while ago, my youthful spirit can still identify with silly adventurous students from fun teen movies. Where I've been growing up school uniforms never existed, which gave us more freedom to express our style. Despite loving it, I still found those movie looks somehow adorable, especially when it came to check skirts like this. The chick youthful look, with practical and cute touch.




  1. Hi Danni, I love your cute school girl look... it is great to be able to show your own style but simple if you have a cute uniform xox

    I am sorry I haven't been around for awhile, I have been dealing with a great deal of pain but finally I am seeing a light to the end of that tunnel... I hope you have a great week xox

  2. such a sweet interpretation of the school girl outfit. You look fantastic!

  3. I went to school that had a uniform. I hated wearing it but at the same time was secretly grateful for it because trying to find something to wear everyday for school would have been difficult hahaha



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