Fresh summer mornings

After desperately waiting for sunshine, we've already came to the point we started looking for a shade.
As the blossoms are slowly turning brown and constantly falling off, i'm starting my mornings by watering the grass, to keep it in acceptably green condition. This is like awakening itself, since the hose I use is never properly functioning and always falling apart, so I start my day with refreshing, but not very wanting shower.
But the beautiful environment I'm surrounded with certainly pays off for that. Spending days in shades of blooming trees (let's forget about mosquitoes at this point), feasting on fresh fruits and pastries, taking baths in aquamarine blue sea are impersonations of perfect summer feelings.

I've captured some of that in my outfit, representing bohemian chick of slacking off in hammock or a tree house. Cloths of a very natural colours in combination with retro shoes have a power of speaking about relaxing, enjoying and simply giving in to the beauty summer is about to bring.






  1. Very beautiful look my dear, love the green shades
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    have an happy day, kisses

  2. Summer just ended where I live and I regret not going to the beach even once. Sigh. Anyway, gorgeous outfit and I love your skirt! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

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