Pride month presents: Super-bat girl

We're deep in the pride month, the month dedicated to acknowledge and praise equal rights for all gay, bisexual or transgender people. To remember and commemorate  Stonewall riots that took place in New York's Manhattan in 1969 and represent one of the strongest beginnings of LGBT movement, cities around the world organise different events and pride parades.

As on one hand you are definitely happy and perhaps also honoured, that things are turning this way and ''different'' people are getting treated as equal part of the community, on the other it actually feels slightly strange or perhaps even sad, that such events are even needed in 21st century. Something that has been considered as completely normal and natural millenniums ago, suddenly got pushed on the edge of society, banned and banished for ages. But so were many other things trough the history, that came ''back to life'' and are now taken for granted. It was unimaginable to marry out of your cast or rank ages ago, there were protests, asking for equal rights on interracial marriages, women having right to vote, and at this point, we're just waiting for the day, when demanding treat of LGBT people as equal members of society will be just a dark unnecessary part of our history.

To celebrate this month of pride and equal rights, to support LGBT movement, which, as a bisexual person, I should be considered a part of, and since one widely talk about topic of this month is also Wonder woman heroin brought to life in her own motion picture, I've prepared a silly, humorous ''fanfiction'' of my own. It connects both, the abillity of same-sex relationship to rase a child to a loving and decent human being, and girls equality and strength, to rule her own world. Since we've seen a numerous romantic stories between the most fierce girl and Superman, I've tried to connect DC characters a little differently. 
So, if Superman and Batman would raise a child together... Their daughter would be an amazing new persona, thought how to find the strength  and confidence within her, using both to fight for good and equality, knowing how to stand her ground and yet how to spread tenderness and compassion.
She shall be named Super-bat girl, and she would be totally f**king awesome!


Still, unacceptance and being looked at with disapproval, is much of a everyday reality for people with ''untraditional'' sexual views all around the world. While I was raised to be opened and judge people only on their personality and deeds, to a lot of my friends, who completely support equal LGBT rights, this might still seem as a tabu to talk about. I was slightly surprised, when one of them came to me, saying ''May I ask you a question?". Whenever people start conversations as this, I got the unnecessary shiver, as I, perhaps, just do have to many deep dark secrets. She continued with '' It's something really personal, and you really don't have to answer, if you don't want to'', so I expect something very sensitive, something to which my answer might even sound embarrassing, since I'm a person who would hate to scare out and left them wondering. The question came, and it was... ''Do you like guys or girl?'' ...that was it! I almost got a minor heart attack over my preference of partners, based on their genders. So I, very much relieved, simply answer I liked both, mostly depending of the person, continuing with my friend casually admitting she is also bi, and the night went on. Despite getting scared for no reason, I certainly appreciate her approach to the situation, with which she tried to spared me the possible uncomfort over such ''sensitive'' thing. But on the other hand, I was surprised that among young people, talking about your sexual orientation being other than straight can still be considered as tabu. Especially since I was always allowed to openly talk about it among those closest to me, without risking any shock or surprise at all. And even thought, deep down they might secretly still want a kind of traditional turnover of my life, I know I would definitely never feel disappointing or less loved by them, if I would bring home girl over guy.



  1. I totally agree with you my dear. Congratulations for your (home) shooting....really cute!!! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

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    1. These photos are adorable, and being bi myself I think it's great to celebrate!

      Just a headsup though, it's really hard trying to comment on your blog with this layout, I don't know if it's the computer I'm using? But I have to comment on comments that are already up, if that makes sense?

      Little Moon Elephant

  2. I do agree that gay people can be great parents. Every couple devoted to caring for their children is capable of raising their child well. Not everyone wants to be a parent, but those people willing and capable of being parents should be encouraged to do so, no matter their sexual orientation.

    Super bat girl does sound like quite a look great!

    1. You've really said that well, couldn't agree with you more <3

  3. great blog......keep updating.


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