The neon colours

I wonder if all of us goes trough certain period of life, when we almost get blind for colours.
I've seen it happening to many people around me and when I was 9 or 10 years old, it also happened to me. I turned to black and so it became not just my favorite but almost the only colour I was ready to wear. Now imagine a young child looking like they escaped from Adams family chronicle.
My family never tried to push me or my siblings trough this phases, knowing they'll (probably eventually pass themselves. So they agreed to provide me with variety of black garments, lot of them custom made, since my grandma was a hair of an seamstress. She always tried to snick in a little details, mostly in grey or white, that would make me look at least a little less morbid.
Together with years, my dark phase passed as well, at least on the outside. I guess being picky with colours or clothes is just like being picky with the food- technically you're the only one who get the less enjoyment then someone with more open taste would. So I came to enjoy all kind of colour and styles, the more the better, and stuffed my closet with things that can cover all kind of occasions. 
Despite not being big fan of theories and blaming all on the outside, I'd agree that brighter and happier colours can make you more joyful. So I've put together this outfit, that on one way keeps the seriousness of dark colour and straight lines, but is brighten up and brought to life with glowy pink shirt, big yellow watch and colorful nails. Add big hairstyle, and you certainly can't be overlooked in the crowd.



  1. Bellissimo outfit ti sta benissimo ti seguo passa da me

  2. Great legs babe!
    Cool look and lovely mani!
    Kisses, Paola.

  3. Love that pink! I went through a dark phase too. Monochrome is easy but it gets boring after a while when it's all you wear. Colour is fun! x

  4. look so cute!
    I follow you,can we follow each other?

  5. Great pictures, I like your styling!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

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  7. Thanks a lot :D

    you look fantastic. love your shoes :D

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  8. you look beautiful! I love the skirt

  9. Amazing look! I love the nail art


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