d'stars and d'plans

Foggy morning, pierced by the first of sunlight. As day awakes and peace is chased away by everyday morning routine, when chills replace warmth, we know that summer is slowly being pushed away by September. 

I certainly had a blast in mine. I land the best possible job working as a ''breakfast chef'' at private summer paradise on a beautiful island. I had amazing colleagues, that, although I'm NOT a morning person, managed to always put a smile on my face first thing I walked in.

Beside having a blast and learning so much, I was able to fully express my creativity at my every day work, meet lots of interesting people from all corners of the world, try things I never even imagine I'd ever try...

As these six months are almost over, it's time to plan a future, at least a little bit. Since I'm not very used to my plans ever working out, I have not put much expectations into that, but for the start I know I'll take a month for myself, visit my family and travel (or simply said: take vacation from vacation).

I've already booked few tickets to get me out of here, but one question I cannot answer yet is where I'm gonna end and what I'm gonna do.
Since I've graduated from computer engineering, I aspire to find a job in this field the most. Something creative with diversity of tasks and new missions every day would be an ideal for me.

In the past I've been doing all kind of things, from administration to hospitality jobs, but the ones that matched the topic of my studies did certainly interest and aspire me the most.

I've already searched for and sent some applications to the firms I would really be interested to work with, but I'll get to a more intense and less picky search when my holidays are over and my (nearest) future will be more define.

I'm lucky enough to have a family and friends that will always support me and I can rely on in case something doesn't work out. Even though I sometimes spent more then I should on things I don't need, I try to always keep enough to be able to get me ticket home.
Although insecurity can truly make me nervous about my future sometimes, I'm definitely looking forward to whatever's coming up. 

And you never know who you are going to bump into while making your way around the world :)



  1. Great pictures, you look stunning! I love the red dress, it looks amazing on you. :)
    I wish you all the best and hope you will find a job that you love. <3

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  2. So chic and beautiful in red!
    I love your smile!
    Love, Paola.

  3. Beautiful photos!


  4. Loved everything! Photo, outfit, landscape ... Have a great day

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  5. Best of luck with everything! Hopefully you'll get the job you want soon!


  6. your photos are so pretty :)

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  7. Have a great start of the week doll!
    Kisses, Paola.

  8. Your smile is so infectious! You look so stunning in the red dress.

    Funmi xx

  9. Great content and love your thoughts on this post
    ����Thank you so much����
    Hope you had an amazing week!!
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  10. You look amazing :)

  11. Your lace jacket is beautiful and I really like it with the red dress! Red is a lovely colour on you!

    I'm glad your morning job went well! Enjoy your holiday and travel and good luck with the job search when you return! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  12. Lovely photos! Your jacket looks amazing! This outfit is perfect! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  13. You look absolutely incredible. The colours go so well with your skin tone and your style is flawless as usual. Props on the morning job, glad it went well. Also, have a wonderful holiday - I'm jealous haha!

    Little Moon Elephant

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