Ferrero Rocher's Behind the Layers experience

After all my siblings decided Halloween isn't such of a big deal for them and didn't want to celebrate it with me anymore, I moved on and declared St. Nicolas my favorite holiday. What it has in common with Halloween are definitely the sweets and snacks you're getting on that evening. Digging out of the sock in expectation and looking at all those beautiful, tasteful presents for the first time is just one of the happiest feelings, no matter your age.

This year however I didn't receive a proper traditional sock, but the game was taken to the next level by visiting a must do chocoholic experience.

Ferrero put up a pop up store in admiration of one of their most loved candy, Ferrero Rocher. The 'Behind The Layers' is one of a kind sensual experience, that doesn't just give you an insight in this amazing chocolate ball, but takes you on an unforgettable journey, that will awake all of your senses.

The look of the store perfectly matches Rocher's soul. Dark and gold are combining each other in all the corners of glamorously set up modern space. Beside shop that offers candies in variety of festive wrappings, there's a bar with cocktails, all enriched and inspired by the main Rocher's integridients.

 But the real experience of tastes is awaiting you upstairs. Greeted by a glass of prosecco, and of course, golden wrapped candy, your anticipation will arise while you're waiting in the lounge decorated with sweet pyramids. 

The secrets of layers are hidden behind the golden door. Walk trough a golden tunel, and you'll end up in the room, filled with essence of chocolate and hazelnuts, sweet and bitter on the side.The twilight of the space will ensure you give up your vision and focus on other senses, while the first drops of sweetness are touching your tongue.

As every great thing, Ferrero Rocher comes with a story as well. While you're piece by piece discovering its structure, you'll be also revelling the history of the place it was born in. From whole hazelnut to the golden wrap, each layer will take you to a journey, an experience and quest, to try it the way you've never done it before. Incomponented into completely new form, you'll be presented with 5 new desserts that will take your taste buds on a merry ride. 

While stepping in the world of chocolate dreams, with essence of hazelnut and golden dust dancing in the air, 'Behind the Layers' will enter you into year's most festive time the way you have never done it before.

The 'Behind the Layers' tasting experience is taking place several times a day at Westfield shopping center in Shepherd's Bush, London, from 1st to 15th December. Find tickets at TimeOut.


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