Luxury Fashion Exhibition at Radisson Blu, from guest to model

With all the christmas parties going on all around, finding and attending different kind of event in this seasonal time is certainly refreshing thing to do.

On second Sunday of final month, when London got covered in not very expected snow, designer Izabela Calik prepared an amazing sale and networking event of small and starting clothes, jewellery and accessories designers.  

Starting with the runway, we were able to admire all kind of wear, from casual every day, amazing coats for cold days, evening and wedding gowns, to unique accessories and some unforgettable jewellery.

The event continued with a friendly mingling, chance to purchase seen and not before seen designs, and trying of luxurious cosmetic products. While admiring amazing pieces among the stands and racks, I was approached by photographer Serguei Cherkassov of X image, searching for a model who could present his friend's dress. Tempted by the glamorous spirit, I agreed to do it and so I was put in this luxurious bodysuit with an amazing golden skirt, created by international designer Venera Tabakin.

photo by Serguei Cherkassov

After taking some glam photos in front of the christmas tree, I was send to showcase the design in the exhibition room, walking among the other photographers and press. With sparkle like this, it was impossible to stay unnoticed, and strolling around with a huge pice of fabric waving behind you just turned it into an unforgettable experience.

The night went on in this relaxed, productive spirit, since you had a chance to meet numerous people to collaborate with in future. After doing more shots with various backgrounds and walking red carpet, I had a chance to present another of Venera's glamorous evening dresses, this one with very uniquely designed sparkly sleeves.

photo by Pete Fallan
As being one of the last guests to leave, it's easy to assume I've truly enjoyed the event, had a lot of fun and get a chance to feel like a real fashionista, while meeting amazing creative people and making some new friends.

Some of the designers and exhibitors: 


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