My first VoxBox

It was right before holidays that I received my very first VoxBox. Without having any expectations, I was very surprised, when this confidentaly wrapped up package showed up for me.

What is VoxBox?

VoxBox is sort of a reward program, created by social platform Influenster, where you can review all kind of products, from food, beauty and clothes, to places and services, and, in return, receive even more products to review, all completely free.
So, so called VoxBoxes, the packets of free products you receive, can again be filled with all kind of things, from beauty products, to snacks. Once getting one of them, your task is to share it on your social media and write reviews of received goodies. The more tasks you complete, the more points you get and higher are your chances to receive another VoxBox.

At the beginning I was pretty sceptical about it, but as soon as I became a little more active, start writing reviews and fulfilling little tasks, I actually got my box out of nowhere. It was a really great holiday surprise, and even more, included exactly what I needed.

My first VoxBox

My first box came filled with amazing goodies from Rimmel. Everything was glittery and sparkly, and therefor perfectly fit in holiday spirit. It was themed with Ink Me campaign, presented by British singer Rita Ora and therefor accompanied with bohemian mood board.


Wonder'fully real mascara: This was definitely the item I was most excited to receive. I was just running out of my old mascara and was thinking which to buy next, when I got one right at my door step. Extreme black/intense noir mascara has a plastic brush with little spikes, that truly create volumised effect on your natural lashes and replace the need of artificial ones.

Ink Me liners: These liners were meant not just for your eyes, but to also use on the rest of your body, to create truly amazing creations on your skin. So far I've tested them around my eyes. I'm usually really clumsy when it comes to these, but still I managed to create some satisfying lines. Black is definitely black and dense and similar to eyeliners I've used before, while gold is very shimmery and and could create transparent effect if applied only gently. Their brushes are actually soft, pointy sticks, that allow easy and safe application and won't unexpectedly divide during the use.

LipArt: What i expected to be a regular lip gloss, turned out to actually be a top coat, with amazing effect, Compared to lip glosses I usually use and only bring some glitters to you, these top coats are actually very dens in their colouring and shine. They can change the whole effect on your lips completely and look especially good as an addition to mat lipstick, the way I've tried it. there are 3 varieties; snowflake coloured Pearlescent, Gold, and slightly pinkish Blush gold, that allow you to create numerous amazing combinations.

Glitter nail polish: My nail polish came in the colour called Ruby crush, which is vivid red, and in combination with its silver glitter you couldn't choose better simple decor for your christmas nails. The polish is definitely very sparkly, but also has high coverage, as the bottle itself states, and will hide your nails natural colour completely after one thick layer already. Glitters stick to your nail very effectively, which provides long lasting beautiful nails cover.

Ink Me metallic sticker tattoo: last but not list, the most fun part of these package were definitely the  black and gold tattoo stickers. They came in two styles, ornamental, kinda Indian or Asian inspired one, and stars that also included a lot of bohemian arrows. Due to different sizes, you can choose between very small ones, that will discretely decor your skin, or bigger ones and also some full sized 'bracelets'.  Inspired by Rita Ora's mood board, I tried to paste few stars under my eyes. I was really surprised by simplicity of applying this tattoos, because I usually had bad experience, when images rather fell apart then stuck to your skin. Following the instructions, stars were traced to my skin perfectly fully stick in only one go, even though I previously applied some dust powder.

I can say that my first VoxBox experience was absolutely enjoyable one and got me a lot of items, that I probably wouldn't buy myself, but I absolutely love to have them and enjoy using them. It also of course inspired me to be more active on Influenster website and hope i will soon be able to get another surprise box to review.


  1. This is really an interesting concept and how wonderful you enjoyed the things you received through this platform. Thanks for sharing your experience!
    xx Rena


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