London Edge 2018

I got a chance to visit my first Edge festival. Despite knowing it's going to be a very colourful event from pictures I've seen on the website, nothing could prepare me for what I've seen there. 

The clash of colours and styles, from vintage to futuristic, from pure dark to glitter, classy and fandoms, it all looked like the venue turned into amazing and amusing parallel world, with majority of visitors dress to the last detail to fit the collections.

Walking among the stands, where vintage was meeting pin up, where gothic was crossing with steam punk, and those where people turned they unique hobbies into creative business ideas, such us unique painted mugs, custom designed light sabres and  jewellery made out of bones.

There were stands with sweets and liqueur shots, trailer where you can get your face glittered up with colourful sparkle. There were groups of girls, like pulled out of 60's, so pretty that you could mistake them for mannequins, all sorts of unique shoes and accessorised accessorises. And most of all, there was inspiration, lots of it everywhere.

Topped up with fashion show, that gave some great styling ideas, and opening party at the unique opening party at Electrowerkz, with Suicide Girls performances, the exhibition was certainly an unforgettable experience.



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  2. I love these styles, the outfits all look absolutely gorgeous! The decor inside also looks awesome, I'd definitely visit just for that alone!

    Have a great weekend!
    Amy | Wandering Everywhere | My latest post

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