My sea monster hair disaster

When I was only 6 years old and vacationing on the coast with my family in a late summer, I received a special seaside hairdo. Beside cutting my hair in bob style as I used to most commonly have it when I was a kid, hairdresser also rewarded me with temporary blue highlights, that nicely shined out of my then pretty blond hair. 

Despite only lasting for few days, the style subconsciously stayed with me, and many years later when I was in high school, I came up with idea to try it again. As my hair got much darker by then, my highlights shall be in dark blue this time. The idea came way before all kinds of colourful hairstyles were popular and commonly used, so my definite first obstacle was actually finding a colour for my task. The only accessible thing was a blue hair spray offered for Mardi Gras and Halloween. It wasn't until out of fun I ended up trying some wigs in Camden town, that I found a permanent colour that matched my idea completely.

With a lot of confidence, that definitely couldn't come from previous experiences, I made a bold move and decided to try this extraordinary idea by myself; on myself. As could be very expected, it of course didn't work out anything as planned. Highlights, that should crown top of my hair in few not so noticeable stripes, spread all around and were on pretty much majority of my hair. Colour also wasn't any close to wanted almost black blue, but turned into a turquoise green, similar to Soča river. Rather than the cool look I was trying to create with the idea in the back of my mind. I rather ended up walking around as a see monster for few months, as the dye was, not to forget, permanent.

However, I didn't learn my lesson, and certainly didn't loose my faith, as I've decided to give my extraordinary idea another go, this time on my college's first Halloween. As probably expected, the results were pretty much the same, and no creativity could bring me any closer to originally wanted outcome.

The dye I've bought so many years ago was of a proper size, and after two attempts, there was still plenty of  it left. While rumbling around the house, I've found it again few years later, and decided to give it a go again in the era of rainbows and unicorns. As this time I completely new what to expect, the results were certainly not disappointing, in fact it all turned out much better then I expected. I also wasn't anymore pretending that maybe, just maybe, I'm capable of creating solid highlights, and just went for a spiced up tips instead. Matching  with the summer season that was just approaching, it was a nice statement to mark it's begging.


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