The first ILFWDA

Before the official February's fashion week started in London, a very special events took place. Independent designers, who's creations are no less then those of bigger brands, but certainly don't have such funding, joined their forces and created an all day catwalk show with pop-up stores, that by it's extravagance wasn't any different than others. Taking place in amazing Waldorf Hilton hotel, it breathe of uniqueness and boldness from the moment you've entered the lobby.

But it was especially unforgettable for me. Not only was this first Fashion Week episode I've attended, I've personally met one of the designers, Agnes Szépligeti before, and after offering a hand, was able to access into backstage as well. As they say 'It's not about the destination, it's about the journey', it was perhaps even more interesting to see all the people, efforts, ideas and some nerves as well that are needed to put such performance in place.

For Luxuria moda she created an amazing collection of very glittery glamorous dresses, in combination of black and peach colours, enriched with silver and gold. From unique details to luxurious veils, each of the dresses served as an eye candy and every girls dream night gown.

Agnes' latest collection for Luxuria moda

Agnes is a Hungarian designer, with many years of experiences and creating amazing gowns, but what I cherish the most about her, is her story of following the dreams. How she decided to give up her well establish role of designer in her country and challenged herself in one of world's fashion capitals. How she came to London and in only few months build herself a connections and reputation, to present the latest collection at this amazing show. 

Agnes with one of her models and assistant

So it was even before I was able to vividly see her designs, and try to understand the hard work and 'magic' put behind every dress, skirt, or corset, that I've already totally admired her boldness, from which I definitely hope to inspire.


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