Izmir 5 years later

As February was reaching it's end, I've got a chance to once more visit the beautiful coastal city of Izmir. This time staying for the whole week, I was participating in one of Erasmus youth exchanges that took part in Turkey.
Passage over Atatürk boulevard in 2013 and 5 years later

Clock tower, 2018

Izmir street, 2018

My first touch down in this with history inspired place happened in late October of 2013, when it was just one of the stops on our NE Mediterranean cruise. Despite being there for only a day, it was certainly unforgettable.  It was 29th October, when Turkey is celebrating it's republic day, and whole Atatürk avenue by the sea promenade was covered in people, from kindergarten children to war veteran, orchestras and random civilians with flags, all excited to honour this day.
moderen artin Alsancak, 2013

Despite whole city being out on the streets, we still found our way to most of historical sights and of course had a nice cup of coffee at Kemeraltı bazar.
The last is something I definitely didn't skip this time either. Halis Dibek Kahve is one of the most famous places to enjoy, and beside Turkish coffee flavoured with mastic, we've also treated ourselves with Katmer, sweet pistachio filled delight. And to make the experience complete, what better then read our future from coffee grounds (I certainly have something to look forward to).

With beautiful weather, that felt like when spring is turning into summer, we were certainly given the opportunity to enjoy to the fullest.

And for all the cats and dogs lovers, this is definitely a place to be. Walking around during day or night, you'll ran into so many friendly 4 legged citizens, that can hardly be called stray, since the whole Izmir is taking care of them, with providing them enough food, water, care and love.



  1. Great post, thanks for sharing. I would love to visit Izmir :)

    Camille xo


  2. I have no words! This is such a beautiful look! I so badly need you dress and shoes <3 Lovely post! <3
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