The quick escape to Polish capital

Out of the blue my friend gave me a chance to visit Warsaw for few days. It was something I really wanted to do in March, but between being 'busy' with this and that, it just doesn't seem to fit in my schedule. Yet when the chance came, I grabbed it with both hands, and less then a week later I was flying to the east.
Despite leaving in the middle of the day, with change of the time zone and winter time still ending day early, I arrived into a beautiful sunset that majestically reflected in Vistula river.
Despite complaining about the cold the entire time, I managed to escape somewhere even colder, as most of the places were still covered under snow in the time of my arrival.


Some of the beautiful and unforgettable places I was able to see in these few days:

Historical city centre

Lion in front of presidential palace
Presidential palace with statue of Prince Józef Poniatowski
royal castle
Palace of culture and science: I've first fell in love with this amazing colossal architecture while seeing the sight of some of 'Seven sisters' in Moscow. Despite perhaps being a bit smaller, Warsaw's palace of science and culture is no less impressive. Especially seeing it brightly enlightened in night, it definitely stands out from other surrounding buildings in the city. 

Łazienki Palace and gardens of light: we've visited this beautiful place in Warsaw's biggest park at night, so we were really fully able to enjoy it's unique colourful instalments. Standing on the island of it's own, this place definitely gets you caught in time.

Ogród Krasińskich: this green park in the center of the city, crowned with a beautiful baroque palace, small lake and colourful flower patches, offers a lot of tranquillity and places to relax.

Powązki cemetery: this oldest cemetery in Poland spreads over almost 0.5 square kilometres and hosts over a million graves. The oldest dating to end of 18th century, designed in such style and covered with moss and time, with the last rays of sun piercing trough the leave-less crowns of the tree, create the scene cough in the moment, to filled with mix of emotions to describe it with words. It also offers the last resting place to many unique individuals, such us Polish composer Frédéric Chopin.

Chopin's grave
Polin museum: as the part of the official program, we visited museum of history of Polish Jews, where you can read the stories from the first Jewish settlers arriving to the Polish lend, to the holocaust during second world war, while revealing their daily lives and traditions.

And last but not least: as a food lover I need to share the picture of this indescribably good multilayered polish ice-cream!


  1. It looks like such a fun trip, that sunset is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Hope you are having a great week so far! I'm feeling a bit under the weather unfortunately, trying to rest up (as much as you can with two kids, ha!).

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