Three countries, one island

You can always think of fraction that can turn something small in even smaller pieces. Cyprus is no different than that. Despite being divided into Greek, Turkish and even (still) British parts, it was able to successfully join European union in 2004.
And if you already travelled so far, you of course have to visit all of them.

The Greek part


We were staying in Agros, a picturesque mountain village of roses with approximately 800 residents (and many more cats), but filled with so many things.
As a capital of it's region it ?has? everything from kindergarten, middle and high school, to retirement home, big sports hall, luxurious hotel (currently under renovation), and numerous amount of factories and productions.
Since many times being referred to as a City of roses, some of the most signature products are coming from the Rose factory. Newly opened blossoms of damask roses are picked up very early every morning and distilled to a strong and precious oil, that is later added to different cosmetic products, candles, liquors and even variety of sweets.
Beside that you can find complex where they're bottling water so pure, it doesn't need additional purification; sweets workshop, where beside soutzoukos the most interesting and surprisingly yummy thing are candied vegetables; meat production that won several international awards for their smoked products.

Limassol, summer is here
My favourite part of the journey was visiting coastal city of Limassol. With it's kilometer long promenade, enriched with piers, palms and moderen sculptures, it is a picture perfect summer destination.

From luxurious marina on one side and sandy beach on the other, we walked it up and down to enjoy every meter of it, treat ourselves with delicious ice coffee by amazing view, and took a turn on the inside to also admire the historical part.
But the absolute highlight was definitely bathing in the sea. As someone who absolutely dislike cold water (or weather), I've decided to do it just for the sake of it, but was positively surprised when sea turned out to be pleasantly refreshing. Despite running out of time and only spending few minutes in it, those were the moments of pure joy that fulfilled this amazing day.

Flying in and out trough this city, it wasn't till the last day that I got to discover it as well. After a delicious calamari lunch with a first row sea view, it was time to also look at it's history.
An old castle/fortress standing at the entrance to harbour since Byzantium times offers amazing views from it's top. Continuing with coastal footpath, it's not hard to find a tranquil place just for yourself, where you can listen to the sea embracing rocks in the wind.

And as it was our last chance we had to dip ourselves in the sea again.
Cyprus' main city is staying the last divided capital in the world. Being torn on Greek and Turkish side together with the rest of the island in 1974, you won't even notice it, until you'd reach the border in the middle of historic part.
Taking view from the above, Nicosia is still standing as a whole, with island's reach history. Some of it is presented in Cyprus museum, where you can, among other ancient finds, admire cross shaped figurines, the ones symbolising island, that can also be found on their euro coins.

The Turkish part
If you're told there's something you shouldn't do...well, that's exactly how you get it done the fastest way. 
Despite being advised not to cross to the Turkish part due to the legislation reasons, that's exactly what we wanted to do, once realising border line is just few meters away. Despite being used to not seeing many real borders while travelling trough Europe anymore, this border control was still one of the easiest to pass. With ID being good enough as a valid document for crossing at Ledra street, you could still simply sneak by few very symbolic ropes, since entrance to any concert has much stronger security. After crossing the United Nations Buffer Zone, which seems like few meters wide ghost town, since all the houses in it are abandoned and no more residential, you'll find yourself on a Turkish side. 

In one way the very similar architecture and style will make you forget that you're supposed to be in a land of another country, yet on another hand, Turkish titles, mosque and even small bazar will give you feeling of visiting a typical Turkish town.

The British part

Despite Cyprus getting it's independence from British reign in 1960, 3% of it's territory stayed under Britain as a way to reach this agreement. Besides two military bases (if you ever wondered where do those bombings over Syria coming from, whenever Theresa May feels like it), what lays on 'British' land are also the remains of ancient city of Kourion.
With amazing mosaics, great theatre and some spectacular sea views it's certainly a site of it's kind that reminds us, where did all started so many, many years ago.




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