The tastes of Vilnius

This post is a dedication to all the amazing dishes and drinks I was able to try while visiting Lithuanian capital.

First of them was a cosy old restaurant/pub, where you can try traditional Lithuanian food. We've ordered variety of different starters, from fried garlic bread sticks with cheese, to fried meat dumplings. As my main dish I chose Zeppelin, a big potato dumpling with minced meat filling and cream sauce. The meal was completed with their home crafted dark beer. 

And let me also mention their very affordable prices, most starters cost between 2-4€ and small servings of main dishes starts from 3-4 € on.

During our daily sightseeing, we just bumped into this lovely place, located somewhere between st. Anna's church and the end of Užupis, by the river just opposite the Tibetan square. Beside very free atmosphere on their big open terrace, they serve wonderful coffee and the amazing Ekselence ice creams (actually produced in Latvia).

This is a small charming vegan bistro across the street from the main (Bernardine) park. Despite (me) not being vegan, after talking about vegan burgers for two days in a row, they just sounded as a perfect choice for lunch. We got ourselves the ones with crisped tofu and fried onions, served with loads of fresh vegetables, sauce and fries.

It might sound funny to come from London and decide to visit this restaurant, but after getting few must try recommendations, it became our dinner place on my second day. The most exciting thing about it is the ability to completely customise your meal, from choosing the type of meet and hot garnish (potatoes), to adding your favorite sauce and vegetables. The first bite charmed me right away and made me want to visit this ''piece of London'' anywhere in the world. (honestly, I've never seen it or heard of it before anywhere else).

The dinner was completed with their popcorn spritz cocktail. At first it did not taste anything like any drink of choice would, but the amazing aftertaste of the popcorn syrup was just purely divine. The closest I could compare it to is the taste of the popcorn flavoured jelly beans. And let me also say it was totally worth breaking the law for it, since my friend stopped being old enough to drink with the new Lithuanian age limit.

This small and from the public eye hidden cafe offers a perfect escape for a tranquil afternoon coffee or tea. After asking for 'something special', I've got myself a chai latte, that wasn't just served in the most beautiful and eye catchy way, but was also perhaps the best and most flavoured chai latte I ever had. And a special person that I am, let's not deny I had to degustate and eat all the spices that was put aside as a decoration.

Another traditional place with their main restaurant located in the north, in city of Kleipada, offered the dish that we just couldn't skip. Serving of cheese fingers will get you 4 big fried sticks, filled with melted cheese and served with an amazing sauce. Since the portion is very filling, I'd recommend to share it with a friend and enjoy every bit of this portion and time spent together.

Inside the most central shopping centre GO9 you are able to find a very colourful candy shop with beauties from all over the world. After watering my mouth looking at the sweets of all sizes, shapes and colours, I decided to give a try to this rainbow of munch-mellows. 

The only place in the city I knew before the visit (I had no idea what are the sightseeing spots and others must-sees) was this amazing restaurant, that doesn't just offer mouthwatering divinities, but also candies for the eye. Therefore I visited it 3 times (during my 3 day-stay there).
The first visit was late after dinner dessert, consisting from peanut butter 'mad monster' cocktail with pretzels for me, and 'Gregory' waffles with M&M's plus fresh lemonade for my friend.

During my second visit I had an after-lunch of sweet potato fries called 'Lesly', while my other friend was munching on a burger named 'Luis'.

On the last day, right before heading to the airport, we stopped there for one last time, during which I tried creamy cocktail with caramelised pears and my friend got a 'mad monster' with bunch of munch-mallows and a pink doughnut, meaningfully named 'Simpsons'.


  1. Ahh these look amazing! Especially the desserts!! Asha xo

  2. Oh my... this food looks delicious!
    Kisses, Paola.



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