Chasing summer in Valencia

Although I loved Romania, it was time to face the reality and accept the fact that it's getting colder. I left only a week before first snow, and as a big warm weather lover, found myself on south-east of Spain, in beautiful city of Valencia.

I remember my arrival day, the first time I stepped my foot in the city, how I was stunned by it's beauty and the summer holiday feeling. I spent my day randomly wondering around, admiring an amazing architecture of buildings, all having sweet little balconies and incredible ornaments. I found the most beautiful one, or so I thought, until not even 10 meters later I fell in love all over again, with another building, dressed into soft summer colours. And then another, and another... 
I could spend days just getting lost, looking for the loveliest places, many of them enriched with various plants or very vivid street art.

Yet, I managed to find my favorite: 9 km long Jardí del Túria, the main city park, that is hugging old historical center from north and east side. Beside having cycling, jogging and walking tracks all along the way, you can enjoy in variety of plants decorating the sides, from blooming trees, to ones with (very eatable and tasty) dates and lemons.
You can find several recreation spots, artificial lakes, pieces of different kind of arts or the whole art museum, and my most adored place, an amazing playground shaped as a fallen warrior.
At the end of the park, on it's south side, there is a center of arts and science, consisting of some very futuristic buildings, that can give you the feeling from suddenly ending up in a galaxy far far away.

My dreams came true when on one of the warm afternoons we visited the cities enormous sandy beach and got ourselves swimming in still (kinda) warm Mediterranean sea.
Walking barefoot on the warm sand brought back the best of memories, from when my summer started in Cyprus at the beginning of this may



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  2. beautiful photos, I hope to visit Spain again some time. I was there once with my school and I loved it.


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