Small curls, big curls or waves... Whatever the mood

Not long ago I took a ''brave step'' and cut my hair after more then two years. The intervention was very much needed and I trusted my look to a hands of my cousin, who was very eager to try out new technique she learned from her friend, a professional hairdresser.
Despite initial doubts, I fell in love with this new look and was even curious how it'd look if I would go even a bit shorter. The length stayed (for now), but the experiment wasn't over until (not very successfully and all by myself) I also put on some reddish dye. 

Once my new cut was settled, it was time to try out new styles. My ever dream was always a big hair with loads of volume. So I tried out different stuff, from teasing my hair to putting them really high with a hair clips... And since it wasn't such mess anymore, giving a try to my ever wanted big vawes and also small curls.

I found a perfect tool for the task, a Trio curler from Jose Eber. Despite not being the best of a beauty expert, it was easy and efficient enough to give me some lovely results. And the magical glove it came with managed to protect me from all my clumsy actions.

I started out by trying to create big waves, the look I fell in love with while watching Gilmore girls. I didn't turn out exactly like Lauren Graham's character, but each curve successfully added to the volume.

Next one was medium stick, that creates big curls, which can be a perfect everyday look with that little feel of extra glam.

For my last look I used the tiniest heating stick and achieved this small curls look. Since this completely differs from my natural hair, I was definitely excited over the change. And if styled nicely, this can surely be a very glamorous one, that gives a lot of extra volume.

Combined with some regular hairspray or gel, that can also be applied before styling, as sticks don't actually stick or reduce efficiency, the look can last for long.
I might have not achieved the world's best look by myself, but I also tried it on my friend, and really enjoyed the results.  So perhaps that's the best way to go, especially if you're as much of beauty noob as me.

All in all I can say that Trio curler is very easy to use, the sticks can be simply swapped by only a pres of the button. It heats up fast and efficiently does expected job. .
To get your own or any other amazing hair tools, visit Jose Eber's website and use the code ''TANJAHAIR'' for 30% off


  1. this seems like a great hair tool. I think all of us straight hair girls dream of glam curls. I love all of the curls you created with this hair tool, medium, small and big curls..they all suit you so welk. You look beautiful.

  2. All the looks are so cute! :)

    xo | Carina

  3. Beautiful hair styles here!! Lovely!

  4. It is such a cute look on you…
    Happy new year!
    IG @grace_njio

  5. Great article you have here. Thanks for the share.

    Nahid |

  6. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Thank you for providing these details.

    Nahid |


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