3 days in Dublin; because nobody comes between my dreams and me

I had a bit of a silly year plan: to travel somewhere every month. Well, it wasn't even a plan at first, it just happened that I went somewhere in January, somewhere in February, then had absolutely nothing planned for March, but it was at very last minute when my friend invited me to come over. And after that I had travels booked for April and May. So I figured out, why not, since it was all going so natural and well. And I was successful at making this dreams of mine come true, for the first time something was actually working out, all the way until November. I was so close to my goal, so close that I shall really not fail, yet it happened to happen that in November I promised to work at some training and then spend the rest of the month with my family. So close, but yet so far. And I spent hours, not just minutes figuring out how to fix this, hating on people who ''interfered with my success'', coming up with silly solutions that could somehow substitute my idea... Until, in the late hour, when I was sitting in front of my computer for a while, trying to work but done nothing except overthinking for way to long, I simply thought of how I have 5 free days when coming home, Ireland is pretty close, flights are pretty cheap, and on top of it, I've never been there.

I landed in Dublin in the early morning, and left the bus in the heart of the city, right in front of the Spire, which can not get unnoticed. 120 m tall spike, that was supposed to mark the turn of the millennium, but was only erected in 2003, cost 4 mio in total and is replacing Nelson's Pillar that was destroyed in 60's by Irish republicans.
the Spire
My hostel wasn't far from there, and was meaningfully called The Spire hostel. It turned out to be love at first sight. Firstly, because it was so similar to the one I was living in London, during two of (almost) most defining months of my life; the place that was called Home for a reason. And secondly, because as soon as I arrived there, very friendly receptionist offered me to go to common area and have some breakfast. After the whole sleepless night I was in very much need of that. And what a breakfast it was: chocolate chip cookies, muffins, cereals with dried strawberries, yogurt, different spreads, including chocolate and peanut butter, and freshly made coffee.

After I ate myself back to life again, I was taken out by a nice exchange student, who led me to the starting point of a free walking tour (and before that stopped at few other hostels and got me a lollipop).
Dublin's castle
During this two hours entertaining walk we first visited the Dublin castle, walked trough the Temple bar street (where every pub is called Temple bar, and they all include a really cool atmosphere). 
most famous Temple bar
We stopped at the Trinity college, which covers big area and beside multiple complexes including cricket pitch.
trinity college

While passing by, I also picked at the National gallery and then continue my way to the Irish whisky museum. During a short tour we've learned everything from origin of the name (which comes from the false pronunciation of Irish word for water), beginnings of crafting it (was first produced by monks), to techniques, still used to this days, and it's spreading popularity around the globe. The best part, of course, came at the end, when during the tasting we were professionally instructed how to approach your whisky like an expert (certainly without the ice).

My second day started by visiting a National leprechaun museum. After almost turning yourself into one, while passing trough the room with enormous furniture, we were led by some most famous symbols of Celtic mythology, accompanied with stories from the old culture.
typical leprechaun uniform
Later I continued my way to the west side of the city, passing the famous st. Patrick's cathedral and finding my way to the Guinness storehouse. This visit turned out to be my favourite part of the journey. 
Designed as a world's biggest beer glass, the museum spreads in 7 stories, with something interactive to see and do in each of them. Your ticket also includes one of the selected experiences, and I decided to spend mine on trying some special stouts, including Guinness chilli stout (which surprisingly tastes like chilly, but doesn't burn), Guinness extra stout (more heavily hopped version), and West Indies porter (which leaves you with slightly caramelish flavour). 
d'fekt and the tree stouts
On top of that (literally), there's an amazing glassed view pad with sights on all sides of Dublin, and on this weekend they were also holding a Stout festival. Therefor you were able to try an extra special beer, mixed with coffee, were given a beerish mousse and were able to enjoy in some traditional Irish dances.

Since I was so close, I just had to see it, I spent my last day trying to make my way to the sea. After crossing Fairview park up north, I've almost made it, except that the place I found was dried out, with only a mud left; and walking to the sea turned out to be a pretty bed idea, since mud was more like a quicksand.
My second attempt was to approach it from the port, but instead I managed to end up in business area, with no exit at the other side as I expected (and I already entered it illegally).

Being sick and tired of pointless walking I returned towards the city center, passing the Imigration museum and getting a great view of Samuel Beckett's modern designed bridge.
Samuel Beckett's bridge


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  3. I arrange such trips for every vacation, but every month I would not be able to do it, it would be a bit tiring
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  4. Love all the pictures! It looked like you had so much fun!

    Daniel x

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  5. I need to visit Dublin!


  6. Seems you had a nice time! I hope to visit Dublin some day.

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  9. Looks like you had a great time.

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  10. I always wanted to visit Ireland! Amazing pictures and Stout festival sounds fantastic for me (it's one of my favorites kind of beer).


  11. I need to visit Dublin. Looks like you had a great time.
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  12. So cool!
    Dublin must be amazing :)


  13. I would like to visit Dublin, asap!
    Happy Holidays, doll!
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