Eskişehir or the Turkish Venice

For the last trip of the year I found myself a last minute trip to a pretty and very picturesque city of Eskisehir.

Visiting Turkey for the third time this year, my expectations were pretty high, especially around warm weather, since the rest of the Europe seemed to already be surviving trough the first snow.

Well, the temperatures were far lower then what I hoped for, but the city itself was love at first sight. From quarter of traditional colourful houses, numerous statues of all kinds popping out all over the town and with channels crisscrossed center, you can easily spot why the place is also referred to as the Venice of Turkey.

I remember the days before I booked my tickets. At first I was pretty sceptical about it, but as soon as I googled some pictures and got stunned by so many details and diversity, I was absolutely decided I'm going, whatever it takes.
One of the most repeated photos I was crossing online was the one of the statue fountain, settled in a small island between two channels. Arriving there in the late hours, you can imagine how dazed I was seeing the exact same image right out of my hotel window.


Another eye catcher from all the images I found online was this historical neighbourhood. Tiny streets with adorable little houses of all colours seems like a pop up town from a fairy tale. In the area you can find numerous shops selling souvenirs and  traditional arts from glass and sepiolite; museums, such as photography and wax dolls one, and lovely traditional and not so traditional bars, that offer you coffee, tea or shisha.  
inside not so traditional Cafe Rasta
Further up the hill lays another gem, the park with urban forest, from where you can have magnificent view over the entire city. Arriving there on the last day, when it was really cold, we spent most of the time sitting inside drinking pomegranate tea, and still enjoying the view of the snowed city below.

Getting east out of the city, there's an amusement park, mostly meant for children, crowned with an amazing fairy tale castle. As it might seem something taken straight from Disney at the first glance, this majestic structure certainly holds much more symbolism. Giving it a better look, you can certainly notice that each of its blue roofs is shaped differently, representing a different region of Turkey.

First snow

It was our last evening, when we suddenly noticed little snowflakes passing our hotel windows. Not really expecting much at first, only few hours later everything was covered in thin layer of snow. And in the bliss of the night, just looked so intact and magical. I got my camera and despite the cold rushed outside to capture some magnificent memories. I started with the dolphin fountain, seen from my window (even though it was locked on the island, I still climbed my way in), and afterwards continued further and further, until my hands were completely frozen.

Sunrise in Istanbul
Almost 10 years ago, on the day right before my birthday, I visited Istanbul for the very first time, as we had our stopover there on our way back from China. As I was a bit sleep deprived, I may not remember so much, but one thing that will never get out of my mind, is the fact that my lack of sleep forced me in bed early in the afternoon. And therefor I woke up early in the morning on my birthday and was able to admire an incredible sunrise, over looking the hill with the flag and minarets.

As I was returning back home this time and my flight wasn't till the evening, I headed towards the old city center and got there just in time to catch the swell orange sky surrounding Hagia Sophia and the Blue mosque. I spent the day randomly wondering around, from sea to bazar and Gülhane park in between, reminiscing on what I was able to recall from that first time.
fountain in Gülhane park



  1. Wow, Turkey looks gorgeous! Love all the colors <3
    xo, allie

  2. I'm sure that sunset in Istanbul is beautiful. I heard that Turkey is a wonderful country. Beautiful photos....seems like you had a lovely time.

  3. What a fun trip! It's so cool you got to see snow, and that sunrise looks amazing! :)

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas :) It was a busy but fun one here as I hosted it this year for my family. We are still eating lots of delicious leftovers, haha! I'm starting to get back to blogging after my little break for a few days.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Turkey looks beautiful! I was just in Venice a few months ago and after seeing photos of these charming homes and reading your description, I can see why they consider the town like Venice!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  5. That castle definitely reminded me of Disney.
    What a wonderful trip and that sunrise was amazing.

  6. Thanks a lot :D

    super interesting post my friend :)

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  7. Looks like you've had an amazing time!

    Mariya |

  8. Such a beautiful city, I love Turkey!
    Kisses, Paola.


  9. It looks so pretty there! I love all the scenery.

  10. Wow! Such a beautiful places and amazing pictures!


  11. I've always wanted to travel to Turkey! Looks incredible


  12. I love Turkey! I plan to visit it in February x


  13. How exciting to go to such an interesting and beautiful city. I love your photos and your coverage. So magical.

    Allie of

  14. Wow! Very very nice place :)
    I loved all pics!

  15. Thanks for visiting my country. Have you ever been to Bursa, Turkey?


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