Sometimes it takes time to fall in love

It was one of those grey dull days (like today basically), when I, mostly out of boredom and curiosity, entered the second hand store. They had a fantastic sale, where all the items were costing 3 £ or less, and there were quite few interesting ones. Not that I actually needed something, but I still tried on my favourites, among them a cotton girly dress with butterflies and this very fluffy coat.

I loved the dress and knew right away it's going home with me, but about coat I wasn't so sure. I guess we just didn't clicked, but after all it wasn't such a big investment, so I took it along as well. Especially since my winter outwear was pretty limited at the time.

First thing after arriving in new home was giving my new addition a good wash. I'm one of those terrible people who goes like ''colour blind'' and ''separating is for pussies'' when washing clothes and then wonder why things come out of machine all wrinkled and with colour stains... Once I even managed to wash a marker with the rest of stuff. 

So there was no great high hopes for this coat either, and my disappointment was at the fullest when it's adorable fluff turned into hardened bristles. But I'm a fighter and instead of giving up on my new coat, that basically turned into structure of a carpet, I thoroughly brushed it, bit by bit, until it was all beautiful and cosy again. Let's just skip the part of how I was sharing room with another 11 people at the time of this action and how the faux hair was everywhere.

There, it was set and ready for me to take it on the streets. Even if I had doubts about it at the first sight, they were soon gone, when people started throwing compliments at me about it.
And I remember after my seasons away, when I dragged it out of garage again and put it on, the sight in it made me go like ''damn, this looks glam!''. Well, as glam as a synthetic 3 £ carpet can look, but it does have it's uniqueness and charm. It's very light beige pink offers numerous styling options and often it's my first choice to grab when I need to get out in a hurry.

Super cosy and protective from cold. I've recently took it to Belfast with me, and there were several random people we encountered that made positive remark about it as well and made me feel like a really stylish and slightly important person.

I guess sometimes it takes time to fall in love as not every love can be love at first sight, but if so, once you do, you can really value it for so much more <3



  1. The perfect winter look babe! You look beautiful as always!!



  2. This is such a cute story. You're right that sometimes it takes time to really fall in love with something and I've had similar situations happen to me as well.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  3. I am loving this glam winter #ootd, girlfriend!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Does it make your hair go frizzy? That is what usually puts me off that material.

  5. I really liked your coat!
    The photos look great and it looks like it was very cold! :)

  6. Loving your coat!! It's warm and perfect!!
    have a great day dear! xx

    La ilusión de Nina -

  7. Great post and photos! Your coat looks amazing
    Have a lovely day!

    Tsukiakari from

  8. I loved the pieces, I wanted it to be cold here so I could wear a sweater like that. Have a great day!

    Blog Paisagem de Janela

  9. such a great and warm outfit- I like so much your coat- it seems to keep you warm even during really freezing days

  10. It's true, for me as well - sometimes it "clicks" immediately, sometimes it takes time. This coat is cutesy! And now these types of faux fur are very trendy :)


  11. This is definetly one of the best winter looks i've seen so far.
    Lovely combination and your hat is so perfect.

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  12. So in love with your cozy and fabulous outfit!

  13. I love it and you are so funny! haha. I haven't been separating my clothes lately...oops! Enjoy your weekend! ♥
    PerlaGiselle |
    Say hello and let’s follow each other <3

  14. That coat looks so warm! Perfect for this time of the year x


  15. The coat looks so warm and cozy !

  16. You look like you stepped off a movie set.. so gorgeous! -

  17. È stupenda questa pelliccia... chic elegante e cool!

  18. Wow that is quite a story and you did an AMAZING job with this coat, it looks brand new in the photos and it is very chic I like it quite a bit. And you did a great job with the styling as well.

    Allie of


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