Breakfast at Creams, afternoon tea at Sketch

They say successful morning makes for the successful day. I wouldn't know, cos I didn't really do that many mornings in my life (or maybe that's exactly why I'm not successful).

But still, this day was started good, with a delicious breakfast at Creams.

I very randomly stumbled on this place hiding under London bridge, and after seeing their divine offers, wanted to visit it ever since. Combine that with very hip underground environment, cool design and funny motivational quotes all around.

The opportunity finally came along.
Reading the whole menu, the diversity was even better. Beside waffles, that I was initially aiming for, they have the whole range of pancakes, shakes, ice cream and also warm cookie dough. I ended up trying the last, enriched with chocolate chips, caramel sauce, cookie crumbles and ice cream scoop.

The mix of flavours was completely divine, the only shame's I'm really not the morning person and never liked to eat much for breakfast. But even that beside, I think the portion was pretty fair for any kind of occasion.

The other must try I always had on my mind was Sketch, a very posh and unique place in Mayfair. I've first heard of it from my colleagues at internship more then year ago, but didn't make it there until this day.

We were sited on the first room by the entrance for some afternoon tea. Gloving neon lights of all shapes were making great contrast to old wooden floors. Low sitting couches gave cosy atmosphere, and for any eager eye the detail of chair legs designed as ballerina's couldn't be missed.

And there's way more that this place is famous for. We passed by the dark room, completely covered in wallpapers of forestry theme.

And another, completely pink one, in style from the sixties and many entertaining posters on the wall.

But the true star of this ''turned around'' town house is it's one of a kind bathroom. Entering into futuristic room, white from floor to the top, transforms you to yet another atmosphere. On the ceiling, trough the rainbow of colourful squares, the light is shining down on egg shaped capsules, that are replacing the classical stoles. With another bar located right underneath in the middle, and a lady, walking around in a movie like cleaning costume, you easily loose the feeling of still being in space and time of somewhere inside the London's most posh area.



  1. Ice cream? love it.
    have a great day

  2. Wow, I just love the interior design, people who work there are so creative at everything :)


  3. You found some really great spots, Babe! Just reading your post made me hungry! :)

  4. So fun! There's pink and dark room... so cool!

  5. Nice post dear!


  6. Amazing photos, and the food looks delicious!

    Freak Muffin Blog

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  8. Looks like you had a lot of fun. That last picture though :P

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    Much love
    Fictitious Fashion

  9. Great post, Thanks for sharing ! x.


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