In the land of fairytales

Who's never had a dream of living in a castle? From our early ages we heard many tales of how the greatest adventures and romances happen behind the big stone walls, high above the land of average citizen.
I've visited plenty of castles before, but I don't think I actually stayed in one, until when on the late April night I was driven up the hill over the little German town of Bacharach, crowned with the 12th century Stachleck castle.

Stachleck castle overlooking Bacharach

I woke up to an amazing view to the backyard and river Rhein down in the valley. Now turned into a hostel and popular tourist spot, they even offer you a stay on the top of the tower, where you can overtake an entire floor and private staircase.

Overall, the land down the Rhein is a paradise for any history lover. There are old castles, fortresses and ruins located on both side of it, every few kilometres. Taking the tour from Bingen to Koblenz, you're able to spot more then 40 of them, as in years back it was convenient to claim part of the river and collect tax from everyone sailing on it.

Inside the picturesque town of Bacharach with many traditional framed houses

Beside places from your dreams and little picturesque towns, the area is also a land of fairy tales, especially the ones coming from brothers Grimm. 

In the next town of Niederheimbach you're able to find the whole route, accompanied with different characters along, from world famous to less known ones. The whole place embraced the idea, and people placed numerous statues and decorations on their private yards as well.

Hotel for insects in one of Niederheimbach's gardens
And of course, there's a castle further up the hill, Sooneck, now turned into museum, with some amazing gardens and terraces all around, and of course a beautiful view.

Romantic balcony at Sooneck castle
Travelling further on, the magic continues in city of Bingen, where you are offered a really amazing experience, including several means of transport.

After arriving to the city by train, we crossed the Rhein on a ferry, passing the Mouse tower, located on the small island in the middle. Legend has it that the cruel ruler retreated to this place, after the army of mice came to avenge his servants, who were tricked and burned alive. The mice followed him, swam the river and ate him alive in his tower.

The Mouse tower in middle of Rhein

On the other side we docked in the town of Assmannhausen, where is located one of the oldest inns in Germany, hotel Krone. 
From there we took a chair lift up the hill, starting from in between the houses, and after flying over some gardens and tranquil forest, we ended up on top of the hill, next to the reindeer farm.

Entry point of chair lift at Assmannhausen
We entered the magnificent Niederwald park, designed by count Ostein in 18th century, filled with small buildings, pathways and landscaping.
From there you have several trails leading you to the cable car on the other side, from where you can return back to valley. We chose the longer one and these way passed few interesting sites, all marked with big shinny mirror columns. From artificial cave to artificial ruins, wonderful views and many great trees in the forest (planted on the graves of the witches), we arrived to enchanting grand statue of Germania. Over 30 meters tall monument of a lady and her servants overlooking Rhein is standing there since 19th century to commemorate the founding of the German Empire.

Niederwald statue of Germania
Not far from it you can catch a ride in a cosy opened cable cars for two and so we returned back down to the town of Rudesheim, traditionally-touristic oriented one, with many lovely souvenir shops and cosy cafes.

And my absolutely favourite bit: the amazing Anker restaurant we found along the way in Assmannhausen, that seems like something out of this world.

Dinning table inside huge wine barrel
For the last 15 years the owner is collecting unique art pieces, mostly connected to the sea, which are all displayed in several rooms. Almost every bit of space, either as a stand or on the wall, is covered in unique design, from majestic paintings and as grapes designed lights, to little details in forms of statues and figurines all around.

Main dinning room at the Anker
You can treat yourself to unique dining experience inside the huge wine barrel or share your meal inside the room dedicated to Lorelai.
The divine statue of Lorelai


Find more amazing guidelines around the area at Visit World Heritage's site.


  1. Wow. Bacharach looks a lovely place!!! I would like to visit it asap!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. This place looks so picturesque! I would love to travel and visit here!

  3. Lovely pictures.

  4. Oh I adore the image of you looking out over the balcony - it's like a scene from a fairytale! Hope you're having a lovely week so far babe :) x

  5. This place looks very amazing! Those castles and that cute village, I would definitely feel like a princess.

    xx Simone

  6. Omg, my father lives in the city below this statue! As far as I remember it was gifted by the French, wasn't it? Also, I love these cities. If you go along Rhein you see so many castles, I even attended a trip to see each and every one of them! Great photographs!

    1. That's so amazing! I've only seen few and instantly fell in love <3

  7. Great post.Thank you for sharing! :)
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  8. This place looks incredible! :)

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  9. Gosh this is such a magical place.
    Lovely impressions my dear.

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  10. This is amazing!! Definitely looks like a fairytale!


  11. amazing pics!!!
    cool post!

  12. What an amazing place ♥

  13. i really wanted to live in the castle and be a princess, haha. that's why i'm very fascinating looking at all these pics.

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  14. Oh wow, I am German and I have never heard of this castle. Looks wonderful :)
    x Sophia from

  15. Love the photos - it does looks truly magical.

  16. Germany has amazing place even I don't know :) How wonderful you enjoyed my home country that much! Thanks a lot for sharing all the amazing pictures.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Hope to inspire you to go visit it sometime, it's truly amazing!


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