My first visit to a cat cafe

My first visit to cat cafe: trying to bond with Amundsenas

I've been hearing about Cat cafes for ages. Seen many wonderful pictures online, of both cute cats and excited visitors. And then found even some other additions with different animals, such as owl cafe in Moscow.

Cat cafe: where cat's are those guests who are always right

From the first time visiting Vilnius, I've realised this is the city of some extraordinary places for dining and simply enjoying little pleasures of life. Yet I didn't even hear of this one back then, and when my friend asked me to go chill there for a couple of hours that we had to kill, I was certainly trilled about it.

Welcome to Cat Cafe, dream place of all cat lovers (and cats as well)

First entering the venue, located right by the main street, we were greeted by a lovely lady, explaining us the rules. Wash your hands, put on covers for your shoes, spend at least 5€ and mostly, don't disturb the cats. You can receive the whole rule list accompanied by cute doodles in several languages.

Some cute rules to follow

The entire place is obviously dedicated to cats, and not just in design of the space that includes a lot of cat stations and toys, but also in decor, with cat photos, pillows, statues and drawings all around, including some very classy paintings of majestic cats.

Cute all fashioned and cat decor are surrounding all corners of Cat Cafe 

Menu matches as well. Despite being called cafe, there's many food choices available, from starters, pasta and salads to so called Mur-Burgers, variety of desserts, all sorts of drinks and even treats to feed the cats. However, as we were just after lunch, we settled for some sweeter options, such us amazing hot chocolate and Cattuccino, served with a cute cat cookie.

Cattuccino and a cat cookie

Cat cafe is a home for over dozen of inhabitants, mostly rescued from different backgrounds. Each of them comes with a unique story, all of which are collected into a cute guide book, from which you can recognise cat's that are surrounding you at all times. 

Double trouble: ?Filas & Nova?

However, as a long term cat lover who encounter many furry fellows in my life, I found majority of cats there being quite arrogant (or well, just cats). So if you expect a playful or cuddly experience, that might not be what you'll get. You're entering their home and they'll continue their lives as if you're not there, sleeping, climbing on objects or walking around and completely ignoring you. Unless you might have ordered some of deliciously smelling food, that will attract them to sit on your table.

Looking for treats rather than love: the fluffy Laguna

Nevertheless, all cats are still completely harmless, absolutely adorable and all in all I would call it a very heartwarming experience. After all cats are very calming animals, with inspiring lazy energy, and to take a piece of it home, there's a bunch of little souvenirs you can choose from.

Cats everywhere, live and art ones

This is just one of amazing culinary experiences I had in Vilnius, for more inspirations visit my The tastes of Vilnius guide, recently updated with traditional (and not so traditional) restaurants, cute cafes and cool places to treat yourself at.

Pay a visit to this furry cuties at Cat Cafe Vilnius, Gedimino pr. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania (main street from the cathedral).



  1. Thank you so much sweetie!! I'm so glad that you liked my outfit with "the most beautiful pullover". Yes, it's very cozy :) and I can't resist to that colour, everytime I see something in this shade, it catches my eye, hehe. I had heard about cat cafes in Japan but I didn't new there were also in other countries, hehe. Have a nice week! Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  2. Una vera location dei mici.... davvero stupenda e gradevole

  3. We have a couple of Cat Cafe's here in New York. One of them is for adoptions and they have kittens running all over that you can pick up and play with, you pay $5 to enter and it goes to the care of the cats. It is a great way to relieve stress.

    Allie of

    1. That sounds so wonderful! Even better than this one <3

  4. What a cute place to visit! I'd really like to go somewhere like this one day, I know my kids would think it was the best ever, haha!

    Hope you're having a great start to your week :) It's a more relaxed week this week for me after a busy week last week!

    Away From Blue

    1. If you get a chance, I'd pop in one for sure, it's such a lovely experience!

  5. Very nice picture, looks good.
    the cat is very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing and like your blog.

  6. OMG this looks amazing!!

    Ellie xx

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  8. Soo sweet! I love more dogs but cats are sooo cute <3

  9. Ekkkkk this looks amaxing!!! They are suoer cute!!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

  10. this looks amazing. I love dogs though


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