The childhood myth that is Prague

Prague always sounded like a dreamy and romantic city to me, mostly thank to my grandparents who told me stories of how beautiful and enchanting it is. I grew up next to blurry images of Karl's bridge, hanging in the living room, yet the whole Czech republic stayed on my bucket list all until now.

Karl's bridge crossing the Vltava river

My first impression was made by riding trough the city center on a bus, admiring the amazing sight of numerous bridges over Vltava river and falling in love over beautiful architecture, most of it marked with unique details.

Church of Our Lady before Týn
So as soon as the chance to stay and explore for a little while longer came, I grabbed it with both hands.

The whole introduction with the city started in a very easy way. We arrived in center around noon, so it was just the perfect time for lunch, after which we took of for a lazy stroll around the historical part, since weather was way to hot to do anything more active. I was also the only one from the group, who hasn't seen anything yet, so after successfully finding Karl's bridge (and trying to figure out from which angle was it on the painting...which I never did), we just laid down in the shade in the park somewhere above Vltava and took a very pleasant nap.

the view over Vltava
As the weather started to cool down with the evening approaching, we headed back to the inside and stopped at the local supermarket, to pick up some food for our evening picknick. Discovering country's everyday snacks and nibbles is certainly one of my favourite parts of travelling, and how amused I was, when I among the other things, found a brand of soft cheese that I used to eat as a child.

sculptures on top of National museum
Fed and refreshed we were ready to hit the town once more for a summer night out, and our road took us all the way to Prague metronome, more than 20 m tall actual instrument, located in Letná park above the Vlatava river. The reason the spot is so popular is certainly the incredible view you can get of the city from there, and so a lot of young people love to hang around at the place, which also offers a bar and often some live music.

View at Prague castle at night
The most spectacular part was watching the moon rise, close to the Žižkov television tower, which shined in the shades of red above the city.

Žižkov television tower and the red moon rising

Once my friends left, it was time to turn into more of a tourist and visit the most notable sights. Starting in the old town, I had to figure out the well known astronomical clock. This technological miracle is showing time ever since beginning of  15th century. It's supposed to be a very precise one and never wrong, except, instead of our classical time starting with new day at midnight, it's showing the hours that past since te sunset. Therefor the fields of astrological signs varies in size, since in winter the days are much shorter.
Besides that, every full hour there's a little show going on, with figurines showing out from small windows, and my favourite, a skeleton swinging the lantern.

astronomical clock, showing positions of sun, moon, and some planets
Afterwards I headed to the western side of the river once more and went on to find the narrowest alley in town, in fact so small two persons cannot meet and therefor have to wait for the traffic light to change.
''U Luzickeho seminare'', the narrowest street in Prague

From there on I headed towards Karl's bridge, to see it also from this side (still not the same as the painting), but despite my lack of knowledge, my adventurous spirit led me up hill trough the little streets, all the way to the castle.

St. Vitus Cathedral inside the castle's yard
The view from there was certainly worth the climb, as seeing panorama of Prague in the day light was certainly another breathtaking sight.

Prague's castle, below are swans by the Vltava river
On the way down I found a wonderful chocolate shop, beside other artistries also offering chocolate wine and beer (what better thing to cool down with on a hot day).

And back to my childhood spirit, there was another Czech thing accompanying me every day: the Little Mole cartoon. So it was certainly like a travel in time seeing it all around, as plush toys, souvenirs, candies, and finally, even finding a full sized one.

with a human sized Krtek



  1. I would love to visit Prague one day. It does look so enchanting. Years ago right after college my friends and I considered moving to Prague they were actively looking to have people from the west move there and the cost of living was low. We chose to move to Seattle instead ( most of us have since left Seattle) but I often wonder what my like would be like if we had moved to Prague.

    Allie of

    1. That's such an interesting story, you certainly need to give it at least a visit after such plans!

  2. What a wonderful place to visit! The architecture is amazing.

  3. I love Prague 😘💙💜💚

  4. I visited Prague many years ago and I want to travel there again. Such a beautiful place :)


  5. Anothet beautiful post! I enjoyed this so much! Thanks for sharing this post ♡ cant wait till your next one ♡ all the best hope you have a great week ♡♡♡


  6. Prague is amazing city with such a gorgeous architecture. I visit it and fall in love. Can't wait to come back again. I really love your photos and see Prague through your eyes.

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  7. Prague is one of my favorite destinations which are not so far from my hometown (about 650 km). Really beautiful pictures!


  8. Oh my! Prague is beautiful <3

  9. This is one of my fav European cities, I love the architecture!
    Kisses, Paola.


  10. Prague is a beautiful city.
    I loved your photos especially the one with red moon.

  11. What a wonderful city! The structures look divine. And oh my, that photo with the red moon looks surreal. x

  12. Prague looks amazing- so glad you got to go! And that moon, WOW! What a cool view rising over the city!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. How fun! It's great you got to revisit some things from your childhood too! It looks like a great trip! I've never been but it always looks so beautiful in photos!

    I hope that you are having a great week so far :)

    Away From Blue

  14. Such a beautiful way to relive childhood memories. Would love to visit Prague one day. That narrow street is very interesting.

  15. Che incanto!!!! Che foto meraviglioseeeeeeeee

  16. Great post.Thank you for sharing! :)
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  17. Great one
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  18. I agree with you I love this city and miss it so much It is so beautiful and I am glad you visited it xoxo Cris


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