Discovering hidden Czech gem of Kutna Hora

Only about an hour away from Prague lies a place I haven't heard about until visiting it. From my first day in Czech republic people were discussing something about monastery, so beautiful it's a must see. I'm not a big fan of such things, so my interest to go wasn't very deep. But Kutna Hora, the small town they were talking about turned out to be much more then that. 

traditional town house

It all started with us exiting the train station and heading towards the town by foot, firstly passing the factory of Phillip Morris cigarettes, also accompanied by tobacco museum. 

Not much further lied one of the most interesting sights, so called Bone church, which's chapel decoration was, as the name itself says, mostly designed by bones. From bone chandelier, to whole pyramids of bones and with skulls decorating arches it's certainly one kind of a sight.

the welcoming decoration at Bone church

However, our attention was just as caught by a Lego museum we encounter on the way and soon after we were heading to the center.

the view towards St. Barbara's church

The old town was certainly a charmer. Colourful houses with pargeting surrounding squares and small streets led us up hill, until we spot a wonderful sight of the cathedral and former jesuit college crowning the city. On the stone path leading there you were accompanied by numerous detailed statue and were able to admire the view of the landscape.

pathway to St. Barbara's church

The jesuit collage is now transformed into vivid modern gallery with some interesting exhibits down the ground level corridor that you can admire for free, a lovely coffee shop with outdoor sitting and our definite favourite, ''urban jungle'', triangular mirror plated corridor, with green plants growing from wooden floors and hanging from walls and panoramic window over the valley.

the endless urban jungle

We finally made it to the famous St. Barbara's church, the UNESCO heritage cathedral in majestic gothic style with detailed columns and arches. Maybe the spectacular view of it didn't impress us that much, as all the other beauties of the city were still sinking in.

St. Barbara's church



  1. Oh how cool to find these places! The bone church sounds so interesting. Love your photos too.

    Allie of

  2. Thank you LackaDaisy! I'm so glad that you liked my new ins from USA! Yes! I agree with you abou Levi's ;) hehe, I specially love the denim jacket! I find it so original and think it will become one of those special pieces in my wardrobe in the future ;)

    Nice post and pictures, the scenery is so beautiful :)

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  3. Such a beautiful town! Good thing that you went and enjoyed it!

  4. I have heard a lot about Kunta Hora while planning our trip to Prague.. unfortunately we didn't have the time to visit.

  5. What a beautiful place! I love your floral dress.

  6. Architecture of Church is so amazing. I really like it as well as charm of the city. Everything is so beautiful. I really like your dress and wish you a lot joy exploring city.

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  7. What a lovely place
    and your floral dress is so chic,
    perfect for some travel and adventure
    especially with that cool hat.


  8. Such a lovely town... these pics are so beautiful!
    Kisses, Paola.


  9. Great post dear, photos are perfect <3

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  10. What a beautiful place!
    I love your photos.

  11. Wow, what a beautiful place perfect for a walk in the sunshine <3

  12. It's a beautiful place to visit!!! Love your photos and dress!! x


  13. Interesting post, i love it ♥
    I'm following you , i hope that you follow me back !

  14. Interesting place with pretty outfit

  15. I have been in Kutna Hora twice, it's stunningly beautiful town with amazing architecture!


  16. what a lovely place! I hope to visit Czech republic some day. This old city is so pretty. The church of saint Barbara looks wonderful. look beautiful in that floral dress!

  17. Qué fotos tan bonitas!
    Me encanta

  18. Such a beautiful small town

    P.s : dont leave active comment on my blog pls, thank you

  19. beautiful town


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