A year for dreams to come true

I first came to Romania about a year ago, not knowing about many places, except for perhaps the Bran castle in Transylvania, that's more commercialised around the story then any actual interest. However my friends buried me with recommendations, one of them repetitively being Sinaia and it's most beautiful castle in Romania: Peleș.

Peleș castle in Sinaia
Of course I wanted to see it, it's just that luck wasn't in my favour, as I was passing by on Monday, the one and only day when the castle is closed. So of to Bran I was, kinda cool but nothing special, yet the image of picturesque Peleș castle stayed in my mind for all this time.
And as soon as I learned that I'll be spending my summer in Romania, this hit the top of my bucket  list of places to visit.

one of the grand town houses
At the moment of our arrival, I realised Sinaia has much more to offer then just a castle it's most famous for. It turned out to be a pretty touristic town on the way from Bucharest to Brasov, and therefor filled with hotels, stands and traditional restaurants. Parks and houses neatly done, signs well placed and full of vibe and life of transitioning people.

One of the lions of Peleș castle
The first impression was very strong. It actually hit me the moment we arrived, as I felt asleep on a bus, and, from a lazy hilly town, was transferred into completely different landscape of high mountains surrounding us from all sides. Then the old town houses with their mysterious neo renaissance and gothic style, manors and colourful abandoned villas that somehow took you back in time. 

The first spot we visited was the 17th century monastery that also used to serve as a royal residence and after which the town actually got it's name.

Frontyard of Sinaia monastery

Following different trails uphill we finally reached our desired destination, and even though approaching it from the upper side that doesn't offer the most famous view, the grand building of the Peleș castle was nothing but a stunner of a sight.

the ornamented castle's towers
Several towers rising to the sky with their sharp and pointy roof tops, the fasade filled with details, an incredible garden spreading in front in multi layers, and all the statues and greenery around. Although I already knew how amazing it was from the pictures, I could now truly live and breath in all the details and spirit of it's pure beauty that's work of art.

Backyard with many statues, currently under renovation
Build in late 19th century, it became the most modern castle in Europe, with electricity, central heating and central vacuum cleaner, ducted air system, cinema and electric elevator, most of all still functioning to this day. 

Glass roof of the grand entrance hall
And for me the most impressive: still functioning glass roof covering what used to be inner yard, later turned into grand entrance hall, covered with glass ceiling, that lets the light in, and can also be moved to create open space again.

The grand entrance hall with what used to be outdoor balconys and a glass ceiling
The castle is kinda divided into two parts: floors with public rooms and floors with private suits.

corridor leading to the Turkish smoking room
Within first you can find library, office, music room, dining rooms, smoking rooms, Spanish tea saloon, armoury and even cinema.

music room
Within second there are different suits, bathrooms and small private spaces, like different saloons and reading corners.

Private reading corner overlooking the grand entrance hall

One of the private bathrooms with all the luxury of modern days
There's an entire suite designed for Austro-Hungarian royal couple, princess Sissi and Franz Joseph, for their short one time stay. Where walls are covered with patterned leather and pattern of the carpet was made to mirror the decoration on the ceiling.

Saloon of the suite for Austro-Hungarian couple with bedroom in the back
The amount of art found within the castle is just extraordinary. There are amazing wood cut pieces, chandeliers and mirror frames made of Murano glass, gold plated decorations, and paintings by artists such as Klimt and Matsch.

The room of the ladies in waiting

shared bathroom of ladies in waiting

No wonder that this inspired some of the movie makers to set their stories right here, among them also part of The brothers Bloom.

many details on the castle's fasade
Beside the grand main palace there are also Pelișor Castle and Foișor hunting lodge located on the same property, but according to some friends who visited them, after seeing the main building you certainly can't get amused.

grand staircase of Peleș castle
We've finished our romantic back in time journey with a nice meal in one of the traditional restaurants by the main street. I've ordered so called ''Shepard's meal'', made of mamaliga with egg and some big portions of cheese and bacon, all baked in a clay pot.

Shepard's meal
The whole day turned out as a wonderful experience, certainly worth a wait.



  1. Oh wow what a wonderful day and a beautiful place to visit! We have nothing like this in Australia! Your pics look great! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  2. It sounds like you had such an amazing time, and the photos you got are so beautiful too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. Wow this castle is actually stunning, definitely worth the wait! I would love to see it too one day xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  4. Oh my goodness, look at all those rooms filled with lush decorations fitting for royalty! And the architectures of the buildings are stunning. It seems like the perfect place to visit if you want to be transported to another time and place. It definitely reminds me of a movie setting!

    - Gretch

  5. me encanta la arquitectura de este edificio, es impresionante


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  7. Wow this place looks absolutely amazing!!

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  8. What an amazing place looks awesome !


  9. Wow, I would like to visit this castle... really beautiful!
    Lovely outfit too hun!
    Kisses, Paola.


  10. This reminds me of my country... Bulgaria. So similar, beautiful!


  11. wonderful place and amazing pics!!!
    Happy weekend!

  12. OMG such a gorgeous castle. I like visiting castles and now this one is going on my list. Thank you for sharing. I'm happy to see that you have great time.

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  13. Oh wow!What a beautiful place with amazing sites. The pictures are so beautiful.

  14. Beautiful place and pictures.


  15. A great post! I love your blog < 3
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  16. Oh my gosh this building is absolutely stunning - architecture as its absolute BEST! Love the first photo in this post of you standing in front of the building babe :)

    aglassofice.com x

  17. Lovely place... beautiful pics

  18. I've visited this places many years ago and this post brought so many good memories.
    Great post
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  19. Absolutely gorgeous I have never been to Romania Looks amazing xoxo Cris


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