There's no summer without the sea

As I've been working (or well, ''working'') for most of the summer, and not by the beach this time, having the proper holidays kinda slipped trough my hands.

Since I was a child it was almost every year that I spent at least 2 weeks leisurely enjoying my life somewhere by the sea, mostly camping in an old fashioned camping trailer, but certainly going to the beach every day.

The view of Novigrad

So as the summer was coming to an end and even though there were some very hot days when we could swim and jump around the river, the feeling just wasn't the same.

So as soon as my position was over, I had one destination: the sea. Here are my highlights from the little getaway at the beautiful coast of Croatia.

Panorama of Novigrad at Night

It all started by settling in in Novigrad, a sweet old Venetian styled town existing ever since the ancient times, located up in the Istra. Featuring lovely small differently coloured houses crowning the old town street and alleys, with old walls protecting the city from whatever might have come up from the sea. It was particularly exciting to be discovering it late at night when most of the tourists were gone but the fresh night was still warm enough to stroll around.

One of Novigrad's central streets covered with umbrellas

As soon as the clouds part just a little in the morning it was time to hit the beach. The sea was still nicely warm (that coming from me, the warm water lover), the sun started heating up the air, and walking down (or up) the lovely sea front path, leading all the way to town of Umag a bit more north, soon warm you up to desire the swim. 

Enjoying green smoothie at Dog Dreams bar

We tested out rocks and pebbles, enjoyed barely occupied beaches, and discovered the cutest dog friendly beach bar Dog Dreams, where beside the lovely decoration your furry fellow can enjoy the drink and one of the leisure beds set by the tables.

Dog Dreams beach bar, shaped like dog house

On the last day it was time for exploring, especially since the weather wasn't the nicest anymore.

Waterfront of Poreč town

It started in the near town of Poreč with wonderful old center featuring 6th century basilica that belongs to Unesco heritage, sweet tourist places and some wonderful ice-cream shops, all hidden behind the old city walls.
The view at bell tower of Poreč basilica from it's inner yard

Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porches... no, I'm not talking about fast sport cars, but rather slow, yet strong tractors. Not far from the town lays an interesting tourist spot with a karst cave, next to which they also opened a museum exhibiting tractors and other farm equipment that was found and used in nearby villages throughout the centuries.

Riding the Lamborghini

Next came the town of Motovun. Moving from the seaside to the land, it's positioned on a little hill and offers you a stunning look at while you're approaching. 

road view at the Motovun

Created from the fortress set there by Celts and Illyrians, it developed into residential place, now offering many wonderful spots for tourists. My favourite was a cultural-educational center Kaštel, where you were interactively presented the history. From collecting the truffles that can reach insane prices of several thousand euros per kilo, to building of railway Parenzana coming from Trieste to Poreč that was opened on 1st of April 1902. The date made people believe it's a joke and therefor there were never any official photos from the ceremony.

simulation of early 20th century train  going on Parenzana

There's a space dedicated to Motovun born race driver Mario Andretti, where you can try yourself in a racing simulation. Presentation of their annual film festival where they're mostly screening small and independent productions. There's a walk trough the village life, featuring different objects used trough the centuries and legends such as one about friendly giant Veli Jože.

the main square of  Motovun

Our last stop was Grožnjan, almost abandoned town, that got taken over and brought back to life by artists who turned it into vibrant touristic spot. Little streets are filled with renovated houses that are now giving home to ateliers, galleries and different street art. Every year they're hosting international summer film school, jazz and painting festival.

one of many art shops, this one selling reused vinyls

The main square, located at the entrance to old town, is designed as the terrace with wonderful view all the way to the sea, from where we were able to observe and and enjoy lightnings of the approaching storm.

The tunnel of Parenzana located outside of Grožnjan, now used for road traffic



  1. What a lovely travel guide to Istria! You managed to see and do a lot. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your stay. Nothing is better than spending some time by the sea. I see you have also done quite a bit of sightseeing. I'm from Croatia and I didn't know about some of these places. For example, I have never been to Motovun. I've seen it on photos, but never been there myself and I didn't know about the museum. Same goes for Umag and Novigrad, I've never actually been there. I need to correct that some day.:). I do have an aunt in Rijeka that I was planning to visit and I'd love to see more of Istria.

  2. Totally agree babe: no summer without sea!
    These pics are amazing!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. Beautiful place and pictures.

  4. I wish I spent more time in Croatia, this place is so beautiful! And the weather must be outstanding at the moment. Glad that you had a wonderful time! xx


  5. I don't blame you for making time for a getaway, a holiday is always an amazing experience. Beautiful photos xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  6. What a fun trip this must have been! Going to the seaside in the summer is the best. Croatia is on my travel list because it looks so beautiful!

    Julia x

  7. You know I have heard some really good things about Croatia and it seems it is becoming quite the resort go to. Love your photos and you look like you had a great time.

    Allie of

  8. looks like a great trip

  9. I've never been to Croatia but it looks absolutely beautiful! It sounds like there is so much to see and do, you really made the most out of your time there! It's lovely you got a holiday before the summer was over. Thanks for sharing your adventures, fantastic photos too! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  10. This post remember me at my summer and time when I was in Poreč. I stayed at the same place where are you. Istra is so beautiful and I completely agree with you that there is no summer without sea. I'm so happy to see that you enjoy in your days.

    New Post -

  11. Omg I love that dog house... too cute!
    I agree summer without the beach is like no summer at all.

  12. Oh man, I need to get my yearly dose of vitamin sea!! It is so cool that you got to travel around and visit Novigrad. The waterfront looks so cool! Haha, it is so funny that the tractors have the exotic car bands stickered on. Glad you had so much fun!

    Nancy ♥

  13. It looks like such a lovely spot to visit and I agree, the sea is the best place to be in summer! You looked so stylish every day :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  14. Love your holiday picks, looks like an amazing place! xx

  15. So glad you were able to get some time by the sea and rest This location is so beautiful and unique Thanks a lot for the guide xoxo Cris

  16. Nice summer pics, glad to see you had a good time! <3

  17. I totally agree with you! Although I'm more a mountain person: I spend most of my summer there hehehe
    Thanks for stopping by! I hope we keep checking each others blogs :)
    Have a wonderful day



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