The story of Rick and Morty

Even though I'm way more a cat than a dog person, there were two puppies that significantly marked my summer, and this is the memory of what happened.

Rick +  Morty by @LittleThingsJewel

It was one of those fun evenings when we gathered on our front yard for little barbecue. We were sitting around the table, snacking on whatever was there and patiently waiting for the meat to be ready.

Some kids were playing outside on the street and because they've probably thrown their ball over our fence more then once, our front gates were widely opened. At one point we saw two small dogs merrily strolling in, probably attracted by the amazing smell from our grill.

One was a bit bigger, black and white, short-haired with kinda pointy ears. The other a bit smaller and fluffier, with messy soft fur and his ears flopping around his head. Both with really adorable smiles. So we let them run around the yard for a while, rediscovering the space and chasing away the cats, until the party was getting over, and while the people were living, the dogs were put outside as well.

Some of us still sat there for some time, and before you knew it, the dogs were back. But how can we afford to have dogs!? Let me state that in Romania stray animals are no strangers, mostly friendly and seen everywhere around. And these two weren't any different. But the laws of our accommodation were very clear, so soon they were out of the yard again... and back in. 

We had to admit something was odd and without to much effort we discovered hole in the fence where they were sneaking in. We tried our best to fix it with some string that just happened to be around, but in the dark our work certainly wasn't that efficient.

The little dog soon joined us for one more time, while the bigger one somehow couldn't cross the ropes. But the sadness and despair he was feeling being separated from his buddy soon made us realize we'll be loosing on our sleep, so after some easily lost battle we let the dogs stay in the yard overnight until we fix the hole the next morning.

Yet, it soon turned out the little bandits are smarter then we thought. Our garden might have been secured now, but what's the loss of trying to pull the same trick at the neighbors. It wasn't long until the small dog was running around our yard again, while the bigger one was crying at the other side of the neighbors' fence, walking up and down in search of a chance to join his friend. 

The whole chase seemed like taken from Tom and Jerry cartoon, except the mouse was replaced with the dogs and our ''Toms'' were successfully chased away with two puppies now munching on the cat food.

No matter how we tried to keep them outside, nothing seemed to work. After spending another morning listening to the howling and whining, we decided to let them stick around and deal with them on some other occasion.

And we gave them names: the bigger, black and white one became Rick, and his smaller fluffy companion was Morty; like the characters from famous cartoon.

Morty and Rick after playing in the rain

Our next dinner took place inside, so the dogs couldn't bother us. But on a warm summer evening the windows of our dining room were widely opened, and you could hear the dogs walking back and forth outside, inhaling the amazing smell of home made pasta and desperately trying to join us. This time it was Morty who got left outside, and that's quite literal. The window wasn't that high and with enough effort and attempts put in it, the bigger Rick eventually jumped to the window seal and successfully joined our dinner party. Morty was pretty devastated and kept heart-brokenly crying outside, until the dogs were once more reunited, outside on the yard.

Losing Morty
That day my colleague and I had to walk to work, our way taking us about 20 minutes, crossing trough the village and some fields. We came up with an idea of taking dogs with us, letting them follow half the way and then probably losing them before the old hanging bridge we had to cross on the way.
As soon as we exited our yard, Rick found a dead bird lying on the street and we lost him right there. Morty however excitedly followed us the entire way, to the bridge, crossed it without a sweat and continued by our sight towards our office. I started to get worried because the building is located directly by the very busy road, one of the mains connecting south and north of the county, with continuous rows of heavy trucks going both ways. I imagined Morty crossing the street, not being familiar with the traffic and potentially getting ran over.
But before we climbed our final hill of the way towards the main road, we had to pass the house where a bunch of small dogs were residing, and as it turned out, they all acted like little bullies. As their owner was working outside, they were all on the loose, and as soon as they saw Morty, started brutal chase on him. In panic, Morty began running the other way, pack of little bullies behind him, and as soon as we realized we aren't able to do a thing, we sprinted all the way uphill towards the office. Morty was out of sight, and as bad as it felt to get him in this situation, we had one dog less now. There was also no more danger for traffic accident, so I could have kinda get myself to work in peace.


We've returned home late to find Rick back in the yard. They actually quickly figured out that our loose gates can be pushed away just enough to squeeze through. But when inspecting what he was up to while we were gone, we've also found Morty lying in a woodshed. It was truly incredible to me how this little dog managed to find a way back home after walking it once, successfully following the entire path, where even I had a great chance of getting lost. And after that stressful encounter with other dogs, which he obviously didn't forget. He might have been home safe and sound now, but obviously offended by us living him behind. As we were sitting in front of the house in the evening, with Rick devotedly dancing around in hope for some treats, Morty only came from the shed to use bathroom in our garden and went to hide back. As we tried to call him, he sadly turned around with this look of ''Fool me once...''  on his face and then disappeared again.
This resentment was going on for several days and got us worried if he didn't actually get hurt, as he seemed to lose all his marry will of life and appetite as well. On the other hand we again had peaceful mornings, as howling around with the first sunlight used to be his thing before.
We took a little getaway trip over our extended weekend, and when coming back, we were greeted by two excited dogs, Rick and Morty that was back to his exited self like on the day he first came to us.

Happy Morty

Keeping the cats
Even though we quite felt for the dogs, ''our'' cats weren't so fond of their new housemates. If we before had bowls with food prepared for them outside, they were now almost immediately emptied by our canine friends. Cats were sticking around to watch when the dogs were sleeping out of sight in a wood shad, yet as soon as you took the bag of treats to give some for the cats, at least one of them came running and chased them away. But we still liked the cats too. So we decided to close our dogs in the garden that spread by other side of the house, until the cats will finish their meal in peace. A very simple plan it was, if only the dogs wouldn't turn out to be incredibly smart, once more. Apparently there was a way to walk around the back of the house, not very crossable one, but just big enough for Rick to use it. At first we were really surprised how he could escape trough our garden doors, but soon realized, after locking him there again, that he must have figured out the whole way around.
Cats stayed out of the way for most of the summer, and we simply got used to having different sort of pets now.

Some of ''our'' cas hanging around before arrival of the dogs

Rick at the office
Our co-living continued for another week and dogs that got truly used to us, tried to follow us around everywhere. To the kitchen, to the garden, our bedrooms and whenever we were living the house.
I remember this particular day when I was the last one home, locked them in the yard and started walking to work, when on the shortcut we always passed I suddenly heard little footsteps that certainly weren't mine. I turned around and both dogs were following me.
I returned, somehow got them in the yard, and redid my journey. But before I came to the end of small path, dogs were behind me again.
So back we go, again lots of time passes to get them to the yard, and as I was getting late already, I had to think of acceptable solution to keep them away this time. So I took some food, threw it far away in the garden, closed the garden doors, the front doors, and while they were munching on the treat, ran way, before they could realize they've been tricked.
Talking with my housemate that day, it turned out he was facing exactly the same problem. But if we were able to keep them away for now, there came the day when success wasn't in our favor.
I came to the office in the morning, and not much bothering where dogs were at home, just making sure they weren't following me, I found Rick sitting on the porch in front of the entrance.
He walked entire way after my colleague and was now just waiting outside for whatever it was. Everybody who passed of course offered him lots of affection, but he wasn't let in or in the backyard.
However we were preparing an event at the school playground that day, some hundred meters down the road, and as we were walking back and forth to get everything set up, Rick eventually decided to follow me and my friend on our way. At one point we separated, as my friend got to go pick up something from home, and despite barely knowing him, Rick decided to cross the street as well and go his way instead.
I was certainly not pleased with him walking by the main road in the first place, and even though it wasn't so busy that day, my heart nearly stopped when Rick realized his mistake and decided to cross the road back to me again, right when the big truck was coming by.
Luckily everything worked out alright and the dog successfully spent the day with us and the kids. At the end we were given the car to return home, but dog wasn't allowed in there either, so our housemate who brought him there had to walk back as well.


Rick's adventure
I guess Rick turned out to be a good walker. One weekend, when our ''house chef'' left us to spend time with his girlfriend, we've decided to walk to a village on the other side of the hill, where we can find a pizzeria. It wasn't just for the food of course, but for an adventure that a journey there was, and we also decided to take our adventurous Rick with us.
However, the first obstacle he had to deal with was our small wobbly hanging bridge. Even though he must have crossed it before, he was very unsure about it, and was thinking of abandoning this mission. However once on it we blocked him from both sides and forced him to make it over the river. Once we reached the other bank, the journey went pretty smooth.  He had occasional beef with other dogs, locked in the yards we were passing, as one of the colleagues joked ''Since Rick is an anarchist!''.
We exited the village, continued path by the main river of the area and the water pipeline, crossed another bridge, solid one this time, and came to the hill that was separating us from the village where pizza awaited.
Of course hiking isn't the greatest idea on the warm summer day, but there was a much better option, crossing trough the tunnel. There was this dark cold underpass leading to the other side, and while we were taking a break outside, Rick kept walking back and forth, not sure about our next step. But once we started our journey underground, he bravely followed along. With only a flashlight from our phone, we successfully strolled trough for a good five minutes and finally spotted daylight on the other side. Although Rick had some functional troubles using the bridge that led back to the surface, we successfully passed all the obstacles and made it to the pizzeria. Our long walk was well awarded and not picky Rick also received a nice portion of baked bread richly topped with cheese and salami.
We were impressed by how this short-legged dog so effortlessly made it trough this more than 4 hour long journey. It once more proved that our small puppies have extremely big personalities.

Rick entering the tunnel

There were so many more simple silly moments throughout their stay.
Like that time when Rick got accidentally locked in the house and trashed the entire bathroom bin, full of used toilet paper, all around the rooms.
When someone dropped a cube of ice on the floor and they got into fight of who's having it, until we served them another cube.
Or when we went to hang out by the river and they spent time by our sides.
As much as they were driving us crazy, they also enlightened so many of our days and brought so much fun and love to our household.

Rick spending summer afternoon with us by the river

The lose of Rick and Morty
As we were living in rented accommodation that wasn't otherwise occupied, and all of us were there only for months, having any kind of domestic animals was forbidden, unless you'd legally adopt them and take them home at the end of your contract. This applied to cats, chicken and of course also dogs.
One peaceful summer evening a dreadful messages came from our supervisors, pretty much out of nowhere. They stated that puppies were cute but as demanded, we shall now be required to take them home with us and to present them with all needed documents in few days. It was particularly directed at one guy, who might have, as all of us, said, he'd love to take them, if only he'd have a place. The big boss of organization basically called him a liar, unreliable and not trustworthy, and sharp messages were just flying back and forth.
Ever since we got them, we were aware of that. And they grew to us, so not just our household, but many other people from out of organization as well were getting them food and sharing requests for their adoption. There was a girl, who worked with us, that officially adopted one of the puppies she found, and I witnessed a cute story, when couple from Portugal took a long long bus journey to bring their new furry love back home from Romania. But for Rick and Morty the help just didn't come in time.
Without previous notice dog's were to be gone by the morning. As we basically had no authority there, we put them out of yard, as so many times before, but they managed to squeeze through our loose doors and once those were completely blocked, dug a hole underneath. There was no easy way to keep them away.
And that was the only reason they stayed with us in the first place. We were well aware of the contract from the begging and never tried to purposely turn them into house dogs, they just always found the way to infiltrate into our shitty accommodation and we learned to coexist. Giving them water and food just seemed like a very basic humane act of solidarity, no need to refer to as purposely breaking the rules.
Yet, they overnight turned into massive problem, even though everyone knew they were staying with us for weeks.
Once the electric heater in bathroom broke and several of us got electrocuted in the shower, it took days for authorities to even believe us and weeks to get it fixed, even though it was an actual life hazard. But dogs must have been gone, right there, right now. The main excuse being how hard their life will be after we're gone and they'll have to return to the streets. But there were people still living in the house for months.  And just because you cannot be happy forever, you shall not ever be happy in the first place, because those moments will hunt you trough all days of sadness!? You shall never travel, as you have to return, never love, as your heart will get broken... The only option is to spend your entire life staying in small village, working at same little place, and thinking you're greater than everyone being its boss, never realizing that as soon as you'd leave it, you'll be nothing and no one to the real world. But hey, it's comfortable and safe. Or so I felt, furious and heartbroken about situation, but it wasn't my place to say anything or in my power to interfere.
Few days later we were given a car to efficiently take dogs far far away. We were kinda tricked, almost, as we borrowed it for shopping in the nearby town and were then told this is part of our mission now. In the late evening someday of mid-August, Rick and Morty were packed in the car. I by chance came outside and saw it happening, otherwise I wouldn't even know how they're gone.
The small group drove them to a nearby village, much further from the main road, which made it much safer, and in hope that in the community, with their adorable smiles, they'll eventually find their place.
They were put out of the car and the car drove away. That's how they came to us in the first place, and that's exactly how they left as well.
I can't imagine what was possibly going tough their little heads at the time, but all I was thinking trough the anger was how unnecessarily this truly is, and how much cruelty we put in the world just to always stay right.

Sharing ice-cream excitement with Morty

Despite the sad ending with no real closure, Rick and Morty lightened our days and nights that summer, bringing so many moments of joy, silliness and nerve wreck to our lives, they won't be forgotten easily.
And even though being more cat than a dog person, and glad cats returned after their departure, it was two small puppies who stole my heart during my stay. I left shortly after as well, but they took a little part of me to wherever they ended up.

LittleThings jewel
While not having many pictures to remember them by, (I mean, just try to take a nice photo of someone who wouldn't stand still for a moment), their memory will always stay with me in the form of this sweet ring I received from Little things jewel. An adorable dog with ears sharp as Rick's in the colour of Morty, perfect fusion of two wonderful crazy creatures.

If you have your own little furry fellow that you'd like to remember something like this by as well, the Little things jewel can customize you many sorts of accessories to look exactly like your best  furry friend. All of their products are handmade from high-quality brass and painted by enamel, created by specialized artisans who have been working in this industry for more than 30 years. A lasting memory to stay with you at any moment. And not to mention they come in adorable little packages too.
To get in touch visit their Facebook or Instagram page.



  1. oh my goodness your story brought tears to my eyes How hard and horrible it would have been to let them go why so many non sense rules Animals feel just like any of us and they are capable of love just like us I am so sorry you had to let them go I hope they are happy and found a beautiful place to live and receive much love Saying that the ring is absolutely adorable I want one xoxo Cris

  2. Oh, for me it is the same as for Cris. What a touching story and I really can imagine that it is not easy for you. You have the memories ... and I send these two dogs all the best and love <3
    xx Rena

  3. Such a sad story. I can't imagine having to do that with my dogs (of course they're actually mine and I wouldn't do that to them), but to be made responsible for animals that aren't even yours. I'm so grateful that we have such great animal rescue agencies here in the USA because otherwise I'd have a backyard full of rescued animals. Dogs do have a way of growing on you. Cats are so independent and they let you know that they can live with you or without you. Dogs are like children and require all of the care and attention you give to a child. I'm so sorry that you had to go through all of this and I hope they find somebody to take them in. They sure were cute.


  4. This is such a sad story. I hope Rick and Morty are safe and happy now, wherever they are.


  5. That dog ring is so cute. Thank you for sharing the story of Rick and Morty, I hope they found a new home, they both sound like intelligent and good puppies, they deserve a good life. It is hard when we love animals but aren't able to take them in. It is not always possible to take in new pets, no matter how cute they might me. Life is hard for everyone, both humans and animals. :(

  6. This ring is so fabulous! It keeps the memories alive. It is so sad to hear and I'm truly sorry.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  7. Such a sad and touching story. It is nice that you have beautiful ring that can bring memories back every time when you wear it.

    New Post -

  8. Such a sad storyWhat a pity we can't help all the Pets

  9. So sad story- but what such a cool names for the dogs :-)

  10. Aww, these sweet pups deserve the best!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. So sad, I love dogs and I hope they are safe now!
    Kisses, Paola.


  12. Such a sad story! I hope those pups have found a happy home! That ring is adorable and a cute keepsake!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  13. Oh how sad for your dogs! :( I wish you would have been able to take them to a safe shelter, I hope they did okay in their new location. it's so cruel you couldn't keep them!

  14. Aww that is such a sad story! Growing up, I had 8 dogs and they all passed away during consecutive years, which really put my mom in a depression cause of the loss. I had such great memories with my dogs though and hope to get one of my own soon one day.


  15. Oh! What a sad story :( I truly hope they're happy! I can completely understand why you became so attached to them during this time. x

  16. Aww such a sad story hun!


  17. Merry Christmas and a happy 2020!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  18. Oh, this is so sad, they look lovely!!

  19. aw what a tale! I hope Rick and Morty are doing okay, what cuties they are! xx


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