Thinking of a business plan

Let me try this (even though I'm not sure it'll work out), but, I was thinking, maybe, in this year I could finally ground myself a little more and found some sort of more serious job. Sounds boring, I agree, and almost like violation of freedom, especially considering that staying at a place for more than a month is giving me a proper anxiety. But on the other hand, I was never talking about some 9-5 office job of sorting papers, filling tables and answering calls. I was thinking about exciting things, creative things, works with projects, etc., something similar to what I've done before and actually love. Because if you truly enjoy your work, getting there every morning doesn't even feel like a hustle, but more like an actual excitement. I've tried that, so I know it can be true, even though very rare.

My main sidekick, beside what actually brings money, was working round my friends. From providing graphic designs to helping plan the events, taking pictures and sharing my sometimes overly creative ideas. But that's exactly what happens if you're working in the right environment. I remember back in the days when I'd flood my boss with random proposals to the point she would put me in charge of a thing. Extra work, yes. The feeling of importance and responsibility to some point, priceless. I figured out I'd perform in my role the best if you give me just a little of power and not too much to be responsible for, and from that position, I can deliver more than you'd expect.

Not to lie I had some mild business plan of my own, but as they say, if you want to go fast go alone, and if you want to make it far, go with others, and this is one thing I've probably been missing at most aspects of life, a proper partner in crime, even if just to be there to remind me why what we're doing is extraordinary and amazing. It might sound cheap, but can work magic. Because if someone puts a ''burden'' of believing on you, you just might bother to prove them right.

Asking how the whole thing is going so far, I can't really point at some valuable results. I started my year busy, working around various things, planned some holidays as well, of course. And for the beginning, my main goal could be just putting stuff in place to have strong foundation to build on.

My running around will certainly take me to work at different places, and as I upped my game by using a better computer that won't drive me crazy before it even turns on (if it does), I also had to find a simple way to get that big heavy beast of machinery around since it would not fit in any of my bags.

And here I got my ''partner in crime'' an extremely practical laptop bag from FYY. It looks extremely stylish, it has enough space and pockets for charger and everything you need with it (you might only notice how important that is after using one without those features), and one of my favorite parts, the strap to mount it on your travel trolley. Because whatever manages to firmly stay there while you're maneuvering around the busy places is worth your while.
Top that with velvety interior and foamy protection and I know I'm ready for my next adventure, even if it's gonna be one on the more serious note this time.

You can find this case in different colour variations here.



  1. I work in an office from 8 to 6 and it is sometimes boring, but in general I like it.
    I hope you find an exciting job!
    I loved your outfit, business woman ;)

  2. I am working between 8-4 pm when I am at office, but also I am working as an actress and extra - and it's totally different style of working. Fingers cross for your dreaming job dear :-)
    So cool outfit and this FYY case is so nice

  3. Wishing you the best in your job hunt!! That bag is so cute, something my aunt would love as she used to be such a huge fan of leopard prints x

  4. Ah your business plan sounds like a good one. Hustling can be exhausting. Sometimes a 9-5 is easier and less tiring. And wow you did indeed find a great "briefcase" for your future job! I have worked full-time and had my blog as a side hustle and it is exhausting for sure.

    Allie of

  5. Business plan is just so essential! Its an amazing nice write up! all the best for your future job :) Nice post! Have a great day!

  6. Love that case and you look so cute! Gotta keep the hustle going! I hope January has been going well for you! Have a great week!

    PerlaGiselle |


  7. I worked a 9 to 5 job at an office back in the day before I committed to becoming a full-time freelancer as a blogger. I dreaded working at a cubicle every single day and much prefer the life of hustling and what I do now over any office job.


  8. Hope you find a job that suits your talents and
    something that will not bore you.
    Nice outfit, perfect for the post. ♥


  9. Such a fun laptop bag! So cute with that print :)

    Good luck with the job hunt - I hope you find your perfect role! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  10. Wishing you best of luck with all of your new business endeavors! The laptop bag looks great too btw xx


  11. That laptop bag is super cute, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. You look amazing in this outfit. Loved your laptop bag too.

  13. Wow! What a stunning jacket! And I love your laptop bag so much!

  14. What a lovely laptop bag...and your business plan sounds great.

  15. Good luck with all your career plans, love your business chic outfit! <3

  16. I will have my fingers crossed . you find the right fit where your creativity will be nourished and will flow beautifly!
    Love your boss blazer! :)


  17. You look incredible dear!


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