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I've been to the store yesterday and what I realized was world finally brought us something that made British people talk about something else than weather. The realization they at one moment also pointed out themselves. I'm not sure it's just British people who do this, but I can imagine most of the time talking on my phone with my family or basically anybody, when conversation runs dry, you're turning to the full weather report of wherever you are.
Anyway, let me use this opportunity, and DO talk about the weather then, mostly because I can't think of anything else. But since weather right now is to its usual spring moody, I'll do a time travel back to 2018, the year of extreme winter followed by extreme summer, at least for Brits.

As someone coming from the continental climate area, there wasn't really anything so extreme to me. Snow is a winter regularity back home, much less these days than a decade ago, but still seeing some of it in the cold months is mostly considered as a joy that's easily dealt with.
In summer temperatures mostly rise above 30° or 35°, in some areas more then others, but slowly frying in your own home or outside on the garden is just as normal for me.

But the island was always famous for its mild weather changes. Well, maybe not famous famous, but it was topic we had to rehearse and hear over and over back in school. How ocean with its streams take care of mild winters and easy summers. And that's how I always imagined and remembered Britain, until 2018 came.

I just returned to London in February, from my beautiful breakaway in Izmir, where we were already able to sunbathe on the terrace in only short sleeves. I signed up for a project by a foreign app developers, who created a mobile application that helps disabled person check general accessibility of the areas. We gathered in London with some other people from different countries to help with the process. I remember coming to our housing location, discussing with one of the organizers if I shall also bring bike to make the whole process easier, when a day or two later we were startled by the snow. It might have looked pretty at first, but as soon as we realized we'll never be able to properly heat up our big meeting room, we lost all admiration for it. And even more, once we were sent outside to do our job and complete what we actually gathered for, it turned out into absolute disaster. Not just that majority of our phones shut down pretty quickly due to the cold, but since snow is such a rare occurring, nobody had any proper equipment to deal with it, and while it was covering everything, from roads to pavements, there was no chance for us to photo-map anything. You can imagine that made the whole project kind of fail, people who received finances to do it at the given time had to return home. But I was still really glad I could have been there, since back at home a pipe froze and the whole block had to survive without any water.

Fast forward for few months, and incredibly hot summer came. Well, it wasn't incredibly hot, but just way more than usual. Shades were just there to make things appear shady, grass turned yellow and people were going a little bit crazy. In country without such sever conditions, the coolers are pretty unnecessary, so majority of the apartments don't have them built in. All the fans were out of stock and you couldn't even find one online. By the seaside it was finally warm enough for swimming (which is something locals usually do, but for some of us more used to Mediterranean waters, might not be such a pleasure). Many parks in London turned their ponds into swimming areas which became a really pleasurable place to cool down and hang out. Water might have not be the most pristine, but splashing around for few minutes, surrounded by people with blown up balls and unicorns was still a lot of fun.

Anyway, as world might be falling apart, the weather here is back to its normal. And even though it's pretty grey and cloudy as everyone always expects from it, I can tell you you get surprisingly lot of sunny days as well. And it's definitely worth taking advantage of them :)



  1. Hope you are doing well! These past weeks have been quite crazy, but at least (from what I hear) weather everywhere is amazing. I wish we could enjoy it to the fullest, but I guess we'll have to wait a few more weeks xx


  2. Weather in NYC changes one day sunny one day rainy... and on Monday possibility of Snow ...

  3. How funny the snow ruined the plans! I think the weather has been a lot more extreme recently, especially this summer with the bushfires in the new year. It's been a little scary!

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :) It's another quiet one here, with all that's going on in the world!

    Away From Blue

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  5. Yasss girl I love this <3

    Serene XOXO

  6. Hahaha I can appreciate this post lol as I use to live in Seattle and people there talk about the weather there a lot. My response? It rains a lot, lets move on.

    Allie of

  7. I love this series! Thanks for sharing your creativity. XO, Ellese


  8. Hello
    We in Portugal talk about the weather when we have no subject to say ahahah Since we are in lockdown at least we have good weather to cheer up and have the highest self esteem, I guess !!
    Keep safe !!

  9. Here in Bama the weather always become a key subject especially during the summer when it gets super hot and humid. I hope you are doing well. :)

    - Avalon from

  10. The weather in Poland, where I live is quite unpredictable, but fortunately winter was mild this year.
    Hope you are staying safe!


  11. Where I live the climate must be a little like your city. In the cold is very cold and in summer is very hot. The weather is crazy here!

  12. Well the weather here in Dubai is as expected to be hot and sunny. Loving these pictures of you! Stay safe.


  13. Loving these photos, they look so cool! :)


  14. Lovely pics and cool look babe!
    Stay safe!
    Kisses, Paola.


  15. Fabulous photos, you look lovely enjoying the sun. I catch myself talking about the weather too. I guess it's an easy topic.

  16. Opening the windows and doors to let the sunshine in has really helped me with feeling less cooped up! I am aso glad the sunshine is making an appearance again xx


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