Parsley, sage, rosemary and... everything else we found in Scarborough

View towards north from Scarborough's castle hill

Last week I got an amazing chance to escape from reality and spent some unforgettable days in what seems like a parallel universe, with my friends.
The luxury didn't come without a price. We were residing in a small town of Helmsley, about an hour north from York, but I still had to fulfill my promise and return for weekend in London to attain my work duties. 
As the whole group had organized field trip to York for my departing day, the journey home wasn't so bad and I could spend most of the night in my bed afterward.
But going back to Helmsley, that, it basically took me 12 h. I left home around 11 pm, heading to Victoria station. Continuing with my night ride to Leeds, where I arrived in early hours, something around 6 am. To my great surprise (and disappointment), if my first few northern England days were pretty much sunny and warm, as soon as I disembarked the bus, I realized it was snowing. And wrapped up in now much smaller jacket I was grumpily waiting for a coastliner to take me to York. The journey that was supposed to take an hour basically took two as the unexpected snow contributed to heavy morning traffic. Then again the local bus to Helmsley was late, and when I was already kinda giving up, thinking it might be running by the school holiday schedule, it finally showed up. Driving through the snowed countryside, which, let's face it, looked beautiful in the morning light (I even had a chance to spot two colourful pheasants and ruins of Rievaulx abbey) I finally arrived back to small town sometime around noon.

snowed Yorkshire

Was it worth it? Yes, yes and totally yes.
By the afternoon the snow was practically gone, the weather got nice and warm again and few days later we were heading towards the seaside. After a long group discussion (and me overly complaining of how by the sea it's always windy and freezing), we got up early in the morning and board a bus to the pretty little town of Scarborough. The place of which I never heard before, but is apparently somehow known, if nothing else from Simon & Garfunkel's song Scarborough Fair, talking about famous event that was taking place there in medieval times.

View over Southern bay  beach and the castle

As the reminder of long passed days, the city is still crowned by the ruins and mainly walls of the 12th century castle, spreading more than 200 m over the entire length of the hill.
For a fee you can enter and spend couple of hours exploring the ruins, but there's just as much to see around the town. 

Closeby the castle entrance you can spot a magnificent St. Mary's church, originally dating back to the same age. Its restoration version was created in 17th century and is featuring some wonderful stained glass arts as well as a vast graveyard.

Backyard of St. Mary's church

The hill where castle and church are located also offers some wonderful views, especially over south and north bay. 

Walking through town you're able to spot different sorts of houses, from some really old fashioned ones to traditional row houses and some more independent self-styled structures.

some of traditional pastel row houses

But the most wonderful buildings are probably standing right above the South bay beach. The beautiful, more than 500 m long sand area is located under the hill, which is accessible by different paths as well as by several cliff lifts, aka funiculars. There you'll be able to find positioned the majestic Grand hotel, Royal hotel, and building of a borough council. 

Royal hotel (white) and building of borough council (red)

Along the beach promenade, unfortunately, isn't so amazing, as majority of buildings are 24/7 arcade places, followed by souvenir shops and rather rare cafes. Still, after receiving this recommendation, we visited The Famous Fish Pan (or maybe just a Fish Pan, but I somewhere found that as it's full name). What might seem like just another of the sad and dull small buildings in a row, turned out to be a true little gem. From wonderful interior with colorful chandeliers, to rich menu offering fish and chips in all variations and combinations, we were still probably most stunned by the wonderful view from our dining table, and friendliness of staff (especially Ash who was our waitress for the day). In fact, we enjoyed the atmosphere so much, we've probably spent two good hours, before giving up on our large portions (I was the only one who managed to finish delicious fish pies), and heading back out to town.

Inside the charming Fish pan

Another spot we discovered was Peasholm Park, a 14 hectares green area located on northern side of the city, designed in oriental theme. Even though the access to the island with enchanting pagoda, built on an artificial lake was closed, there was still so much to see. During summer the lake is a stage to naval battle, which's been played out for over 80 years now, as well as other seasonal events, but in the winter one can enjoy in a peaceful walks trough the ravine, accompanied by Glen tree trail of rare and unusual tree, wooden statues of different subjects, and also geese and squirrels.

woodart around the park

I guess this proves that the small seaside town of Scarborough is a delightful place to visit at any season. There's also a lot of second-hand shops and other stores throughout the town, places to dine, attractions and museums.
You can find out more at their tourist board website.

at Peasholm park



  1. What a charming little seaside town. One thing that has started to irritate me is an abundance of souvenir stores or arcades along promenades or points of interest. I don't mind one or two but it feels like every second store is one or the other. Would be nice to have a little more variety in my opinion


  2. Beautiful photos.

  3. This place looks so serene and beautiful, awesome captures!


  4. Such a beautiful place, I didn't know it!

  5. Incredible.. such beautiful pictures.

  6. Such a gorgeous town! Love the architecture, especially the St. Mary's church and pastel row houses.

  7. Glad you managed to take time out with friends and take this tour.
    From the photos it looks like it was really cold.
    Anyway I loved the place and the photos! ♥

  8. Hello
    It was an adventure to get to this small town !!
    But, I'm glad you had fun with your friends !!
    It is a pity that the most touristic places are full of souvenir shops that all look the same !!

  9. What a charming town! I am glad you were able to get away and had a great time. Have a great week!
    PerlaGiselle |

  10. Looks like an amazing place to relax.
    Your pics look awesome
    especially the ones that shows the views.


  11. The seaside is so beautiful. Happy you had a wonderful time!

  12. So beautiful pics, I would like to visit this place!
    Kisses, Paola.


  13. I have been there and it is such a gorgeous town Love your photos Thanks for the guide darling Happy Easter xoxo Cris


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