Why you should skip renting and become a homeowner

As someone coming from the environment where owning a home, an apartment, a house and potentially even a weekend cottage is a very common thing, renting always seemed like only a short term solution for me. Like something you do during your student years or while you're short term staying in another place or the country.

Of course it's a long throw, especially with expensive housing and somebody without regular job or income, but as you need to put a certain amount in every month anyway, wouldn't it be great if the place is then slowly becoming yours!? They say a person’s home is their castle, but what good is a castle if you’re not the reigning king or queen? Choosing whether to rent or invest your money into becoming a homeowner is a big decision with lots of factors to consider. Here are some reasons Why You Should Skip Renting and Become a Homeowner.

You save more money in the long run

First things first: it’s important to note that every real estate market is different. Someone living in Missouri might find Kansas City houses for sale less expensive than St. Louis apartments for rent, making the latter look like a better deal than the former.
Buying your own place in London seems out of reach for majority, not just young people, and home sharing is absolutely common even among middle-aged workers. While moving up north, in Manchester, for example, you could get a decent home of your own from 50.000 £.
Wherever you go, though, one thing never changes: mortgage payments eventually end, but rent payments never do. When your mortgage is finally paid off, your house belongs to you and only you. Rental properties, meanwhile, always belong to their landlords, not their occupants. Which brings us to…

A mortgage is predictable, rent isn’t

When you sign on for a mortgage, you and your bank are both entering into a long-term agreement with concrete terms. They’ll loan you a certain amount of money in order for you to secure your dream home, and in return you’ll make payments of a certain amount at regular, agreed-upon intervals in order to pay that loan off, plus interest. Both you and the bank are bound by these terms. Your mortgage will never go up without your consent.
Renting, on the other hand, is always a short-term agreement. That means a landlord is under no obligation to refrain from changing the terms of your lease whenever it comes up for renewal. In fact, a landlord is under no obligation to renew your lease at all. They’re the ones in control and you are subject to their whims. Speaking of which…

Ownership means independence

Not just financial independence, either. Owning doesn’t just mean not having to worry about losing your home because the landlord decided to turn the building into a parking lot. It also means that you get to be the one deciding what that building does or doesn’t become.
Want to paint your living room pink with yellow polka dots? That’s your call. Want to tear out your bathtub and replace it with a giant heart-shaped indoor Jacuzzi? Go for it. If you were renting, you would have to get permission from your landlord to do so much as put a nail in the wall to hang a picture frame. That, or risk losing your security deposit. And since we’re on the subject of money…

A house isn’t just a home, it’s income

Let’s go back to the example from earlier. Remember how, in that hypothetical scenario, London apartments were so expensive? That may have gotten you thinking, “I wish I were a landlord there. They must be making a killing.” Well, guess what: when you own your home, you can make a killing, too.
Owning property is a great way of generating passive income, even while you’re still living there. Rent out a spare room or turn the whole house into a duplex, get a great long term roomie, or do the Airbnb sort of short term let, with a chance of meeting a lot of interesting people from around the globe. You could find yourself quickly making back every penny you spent on your mortgage, and a nice passive income afterwards.



  1. Great tips but sadly many people can not afford to buy a home. I feel like this is a privilege for the very few. I think the American dream of owning a home is just that --a dream. Not sure about other countries but I am guessing it is similar.

    Allie of

  2. I think its always better to buy a home. It's an investment x


  3. Buying a home is a great investment. You're paying towards something that is yours. I rather own my own place but it can get expensive out here when a property tax is like 14k a year on its own! Thanks for sharing all of this!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  4. i completely agree with you. I am so tired of paying a rent to someone else. But still getting a house may be a little complicated!!

    Cate ☾ 35mm in Style | Photography + Blogging

  5. Yes I agree that buying a house is an investment, but there are those that can't afford to buy.


  6. I completely agree with you. My husband and I decided to get a morgage loan from the bank 3 years ago in order to build our home and it was worth it even with a high rate. Renting long term is throwing money down the drain. We do live in a rented apartmant right now because I found work elsewhere but once my contract is over we will go back to our home. We can always sell it and pay off the morgage and still have money left.

  7. I get your points. I had to convince my hubbie when we got married that we should own versus rent. There are downsides to owning as well but overall it's nice to call a place home and make it your own.


  8. Some really good points. Sadly this isn't an option for many people, especially where I live. Homes are so expensive and the more "affordable" kind get swept up by developers


  9. I would love to own a home someday. Something that is worth working for.

  10. These are all good suggestions, I totally agree with you! :)


  11. I absolutely agree with you. After married and finishing study buying a flat was my and my husband priority. It gave us independence. I think that renting a flat, except the study time or short-term stay in other city or country, means wasting money.

    Have a wonderful day!


  12. I absolutely agree with you :) It is often even much cheaper than renting:**Regards

  13. Yes! The house isn’t just a home, it’s income.
    Great tips. I still want to have my home when I get married etc. It is something really important :)


  14. I've owned my own home since right after college and it's been really nice to not have to worry about rent going up, or my landlord doing something I don't like (or not fixing something that is broken), and it's lovely to have more space. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. This is such an important post! I really want to start raising funds to buy my first house, and you list exactly why I want to do that! I think everyone needs a place to call their own.

    I hope you're staying safe during this quarantine!
    Amy x wandering-everywhere.com

  16. As a homeowner, I totally agree with this post! Especially about saving more money long-term. Plus I'm investing in my property versus someone else's.

    Make Life Marvelous

  17. Such a good read lovely, I agree with you <3

    Serene XO


  18. Totally agree with you dear! Owning a property is always a smart idea and great investment. Especially if the location is good, so you can rent it out from time to time xx


  19. I agree with you ! =) NICE POST

  20. I agree with you, owning a home is a great investment .

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  21. What fun pics! I agree, it's a good thing to own your own home, but it does require a lot of saving to get that initial deposit! I'm glad we managed to buy our own place before we got married, although it was difficult to sell it was nice when we finally sold it! I like our new place much more :)

    Hope that you are having a nice week :) We are enjoying the Easter break, at home of course.

    Away From Blue

  22. Yes, home owning she you a lot of money in the long run plus its a nice feeling knowing you own a home!
    Great post!


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