Team sloth in the lockdown

As our lives drastically changed for majority of us in the last few weeks, people mostly divided in two groups, those who created little routines to keep their lives as organised and normal as possible and those who simply couldn't be bothered less, are taking each day as it comes and live by whatever life will brings. Part of the latest am I myself as well. I try to stay on top of my game, finish my duties, work and get some projects done, but in no logical order at no reasonable times. I simply follow my gut and get down to what makes most sense when the moment comes.

The most routine thing I do is probably how I start and end my day. First thing after getting out of bed is I like to set myself up a little breakfast of some simple food, tea or coffee, or all of the listed together. During this time I usually check social media and answer my messages. As a disclaimer I shall add that this might happen anytime between 6, 7 or 8 at morning till 4 or 5 in the afternoon.
But I'm not the only one with such bad scheduling. When I was still living with my friend, he one day came to me and asked if I'm hungry saying he'd prefer to eat a bit later as he only just finished his breakfast... This was at 7 in the evening.

As majority of us lost our general sense of days and times, we might have also have lost our passion  caring about our looks and usual every day activities, including physical ones. Being stuck in a small apartment and advised not to leave the house, it's now easier then ever to find an excuses why we're avoiding sports, weather explaining it to others or just to reassure it for ourselves. Before you know it, you are turning into couch potatoes and out of preferred shape.

I myself am not really facing this problem, firstly, because I've never been into sports even when there was no lock down so current situation doesn't really represent any major change to my general body activity. Secondly, because I sometimes wouldn't eat all day unless I encounter a snack randomly lying around. And lastly, because there's 4 floors between my room and the kitchen, so unless I take the food upstairs with me I already burn most of the intake by the time I reach my main living space.

Despite this, I'm offering my top three solutions I'd found personally acceptable as a lazy person.

My first and most used preference is definitely getting enough of sleep. The most perfect part of a day when we enter wonderful world of dreams while our body is regenerating. I didn't set my alarm clock for more then a month now and just let my system get all the rest it needed.
20 minutes of sleep is supposed to do as much good to your body as an hour of exercise. I'm not adding links to any scientific proofs, if you're at such excess of energy you wouldn't give it a try, you might just as well google for those info's yourself. But just imagine if you'd replace that morning run with another hour of rolling in the bed. And as with every thing, the more you train the better you're getting, and soon you'll turn into one of those people that Russell Kane truly hates.

The other go to method is being more conscious about what you eat, since "Eat what you want but know what you eat". This might sound like some super zen healthy lifestyle slogan, but truly it doesn't have to be as scary and exaggerated as you think. Perhaps a lot of foods you already adore can have way more positive effects than you'd expect.
In my case this food is ice cream. If you want to know why check my video below, but why I truly believe in it, is because I've heard about it from my very skinny pilates instructor (yes, I actually bothered to attend pilates class once upon a time, and still even recently got told that I have pilates body).

But if none of this works for you, since you might not be able to sleep that much or don't particularly enjoy ice cream either, there's still an easy way to get that desired body using the shaping gear. And you can find some great designs and options at  Loverbeauty Shapewear.

They're offering best shapewear for women. From a very sensual one that you can discretely wear under your clothes. It will fit you like a glove and stay completely unnoticed while giving you all the comfort and freedom of movement.

And if you plan to still give some exercise a chance, you might prefer a best waist trainer, that will help you create perfect curves during your activities and workouts, until your body actually reaches that shape.



  1. Although shapewear isn't for me I'd love to not have to set my alarm each day and sleep in whenever I'd like, haha! :) I find having the kids helps keep me to a routine as they always need me to make breakfast for them when they get up. We haven't been getting them up early, we have let them sleep until whenever they like, as they don't need to travel to school!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  2. I am really trying to adhere to a solid skincare routine here in lockdown- at LEAST my skin will be glowy from all this, haha!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Lovely photos, you look amazing! Love this post too, I'm lazy at heart haha. Going to check out your YouTube channel now!

    Anika |

  4. I am so busy I can get everything done, but I am always learning new things so I guess that is why lol

    Allie of

  5. I've been working so much in this isolation and sitting behind my laptop all the time, I'm not in such a good shape. I'm trying to change that around.
    Shapewear is great and it can really make a difference. Every dress fits better with right shapewear.

  6. I agree with all of your suggestions! Stay safe and well.

  7. Honestly, I run as often as before a pandemic, I also ride a bike when the weather is good, but I don't do it because of taking care of my figure (I'm slim by nature, without exercises) but for my mental and physical health. Nice shapewear but rather not for me;)


  8. I actually am not getting more sleep during this time - I guess because I feel like I should be more productive. Still, I've found sticking to me regular schedule helps a lot!

  9. I still get up early in the morning to keep a daily routine and get a lot of stuff done during the day. I cook a lot, do workouts and read a lot besides working from home and homeschooling the kids.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  10. I agree that getting enough sleep is very, very important!!! I too love rolling around in the bed after I wake up. I too LOVE having dreams!!! Even when I am not asleep and dreaming I love to daydream and fantasise.
    That bed and your bedroom look very attractive and inviting, and you look beautiful luxuriating there in bed. I love the complementary contrast between your beautiful pink nightgown and the blue throw pillows. Your eye-makeup looks very pretty.
    Those waist-trainers from LoverBeauty look great for enhancing the figure under one's outfits.
    P.S.: I love that video you made and embedded here titled: The easiest and tasty way to burn calories and stay skinny | LackaDaisy - YouTube :D
    P.S.: I also love the Tweets on your Twitter @Lacka_Daisy !!!!!!

    My blog: Full Brief Panties
    My YouTube: misterpantybuns Channel
    My Twitter: @Panty_Buns

  11. I have been working out now more, then ever. I have been enjoying staying in and I don't have to go anywhere x


  12. Great post,great topic too!I have been working out and staying productive so this lockdown did good to me is some way...
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. I loved the photos, very quarantine mood! :)

  14. It's such a crazy time. I can't remember what day it is, usually, haha. But truly, I'm trying to take each day and set goals, and continue working on them. Sometimes it's difficult with the quarantine, but I try to remember to give myself grace and time to rest, and then start back again.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead!

    Make Life Marvelous

  15. Oh, thank you so much for your honest post! Yes, you should eat ice-cream when you crave for it and it makes me only think that you kitchen is very far away from your bedroom. Your pictures are cool and you look fantastic. Please take care and stay healthy <3
    xx Rena

  16. I've been sleeping more, skipping the alarm and waking up naturally. Your photos are beautiful!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  17. Such an interesting post. I really enjoy reading it. I also trust my gut and doing what I feel ok in moment. Sometimes I spent whole day in my bad doing nothing,, but sometimes I have highly productive day.

    New Post -

  18. I have to admit that during quarantine i've barely practiced any sport, so i was super careful about what i was eating. Im a person who usually walks a lot so i was missing that a lot. Also i love make up, it's something i always do and as im staying all day at home i don't put make up anymore, only some weekends when i felt like it!
    Thanks for your post, hope you are doing well!

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

  19. Thanks for sharing this post with us :)

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  20. I love reading post like this, seeing how other go thru this time. I have worked from home since years, so my life hasn't changed that much. I love having a plan for the day, need structure to get all things done. Take care dear and have a lovely new week, love x S.Mirli

  21. I love how glamorous you've made these photos! It's so interesting to see how everyone else is coping with lockdown.

  22. You look beautiful! Love the pink! I prefer being on a schedule and try to stick to mine. Though, there are hours during the day when I deviate from my schedule. With being home all the time, I think it's ok to be a little of both. :)

  23. Love these great findings! Thanks for sharing!

    Nahid |

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