The taste of Sofia

This post is a dedication to all the amazing dishes and drinks I was able to try while visiting Bulgarian capital.

Traditional restaurants:
The Hadjidragana tavern (ul. "Hristo Belchev" 18)
Hadjidraganov's House (ul. "Kozloduy" 75)
Мекица и Кафе (Mekitsa and Coffee) (ul. "Graf Ignatiev" 28)(ул. Граф Игнатиев 28)

Soup bar ''Супа бар'' (Ulitsa "Serdika" 20)
Lavanda (ul. "Tsar Ivan Shishman" 12)

Tita cakes (Ulitsa "Sv. Sveti Kiril I Metodiy" 36)(ул. „Св. Св. Кирил и Методий 36)
Cafe (opposite the courthouse, by the corner of boulevard Vitosha and ulitsa Pozitano, next to Luciano Padovan shop)
Мекица и Кафе (Mekitsa and Coffee) (ul. "Graf Ignatiev" 28)(ул. Граф Игнатиев 28)
Домашен магазин (Home store) (ul. "Bacho Kiro" 18)(ул. "Бачо Киро" № 18)

Sense hotel (bul. "Tsar Osvoboditel" 16) (бул. „Цар Освободител“ 16)
Garafa Wine shop (18 Tsar Shishman St.)

Food tour:
Balkan Bites (Crystal Garden Градина „Кристал“)

Also a big shout out to Balkan bites, free (walking) food tour that will take you to some interesting restaurants and bars, where you can try specialties from artistic to traditional food and local wine (more about tour at the bottom).

Tita cakes (U
litsa "Sv. Sveti Kiril I Metodiy" 36)(ул. „Св. Св. Кирил и Методий 36)
Randomly discovered this place during my first visit and instantly fell in love. After testing out their popsicals, I had to return for a proper breakfast (at 12 pm). If I first fell in love with their amazing vintage decor, I can say that their cakes and sweets are non less tasty as are they beautiful, while cute serving fits right into atmosphere. 

Soup bar ''Супа бар'' (Ulitsa "Serdika" 20)
Charming place located behind Central mineral baths. I visited it in the early morning, but was already able to enjoy a great selection of soups, from runny vegetable and chicken ones, to more thick potato, pumpkin or other veggies. My favourite part was garnish station, where you were able to season your soup with greens, spicy chilly flakes or croutons, as well as toast your bread.
The whole atmosphere is very relaxing, with chick decor and sense for details.

Cafe (opposite the courthouse, by the corner of boulevard Vitosha and ulitsa Pozitano, next to Luciano Padovan shop)
Opposite the courthouse stands a small cafe without any particular name, but therefor so much more soul and amazing treats. We were driven in by their amazing window filled with interesting pastry and christmas lights still flashing around. Despite being small, it seems like their offer just extands on endlessly. After already ordering some interesting pie with pumpkins, we've realised there's a whole cake display with all sorts of tastes and combintions, as well as cookies and whatever our heart desires. Since everything looked so good, decision was imposible to make and we ended up with two items each, as well as some hot cofees to warm us up on the cold winter morning.

But the menu doesn't end there, as we only later also noticed the display at the end, with small selection of savory meals, such as stuffed peppers. Add some very friendly staff, as the owner was more than happy to explain to us what everything is and put up with our indecisiveness, and a wonderful view over courthouse's lions of justice, and you just found yourself a perfect place to start your day.

Sense hotel (bul. "Tsar Osvoboditel" 16) (бул. „Цар Освободител“ 16)
Like every great capital, Sofia is no short of magnificent sky bars with wonderful views either. One of them is located on top floor of Sense hotel, closeby the Alexander Nevsky cathedral, and offers magnificent view of the most famous attraction.
I believe it's a fabulous spot for some evening cocktails, but we only went there for an afternoon tea to hide away from the cold. The experience was none of less, especially with their wonderful tea selection of interesting flavors.

Lavanda (ul. "Tsar Ivan Shishman" 12)
Once a family home that was nationalized during communist era and used as kindergarten, was later turned into a restaurant, since owner who received it back felt like it's too big for just living. However, the rooms were kept as they were originally, you can dine in a living room, kitchen, or enjoy private meal for two on the balcony. And the chef, who's graduated master of cordon blue, is always coming up with some exciting new combinations for you to try, from sugar swirls to cucumber paste crackers.

Garafa Wine shop (18 Tsar Shishman St.)
Hipster place with zero waste policy, promoting their own organic Bulgarian wines. They're offering in house tasting of different wines, from muscato to merlot, as well as purchase of their bottles, that you can later bring back for refill.
The place is designed in a very hipe way, with, of course, wine as the main inspiration for their decor. 

Мекица и Кафе (Mekitsa and Coffee) (ul. "Graf Ignatiev" 28)(ул. Граф Игнатиев 28)
A cute little place preparing traditional pastry mekitsa. Fried dough is usually served with yoghurt and jam, but you can also get it coated in sugar or with chocolate spread. Old fashioned interior smells just divine and you can always enrich your experience with some delicious coffee.

The Hadjidragana tavern (ul. "Hristo Belchev" 18)
Traditional restaurant, from dishes to decor. As we only stopped here for afternoon bites, we were enjoying in selection of traditional spreads, from lutenica to yogurt ones. And also some house liquors. 
Visit to this restaurant is an experience from the moment you walk in, as there are traditional items and clothing filling every corner, with specially embroidered table cloths and tapestries everywhere.

Hadjidraganov's House (ul. "Kozloduy" 75)
Another traditional place from Hadjidragan's franchise. A delight from the moment you walk in to the end of the night. This one was our dinner stop, so we enjoyed some heavier meals as well as spicy house wine enriched with 24 herbs. I opted for something called Makedonska ribitza which was  Chines marinated in herbs with chilly, minced red pepper, wrapped in caul, roasted on fire, garnished with potatoes and roasted onion. 

But what truly spiced up our night was a performance of in house musicians that come to play during our meal.

Домашен магазин (Home store) (ul. "Bacho Kiro" 18)(ул. "Бачо Киро" № 18)
Combination of coffee shop and food store, offering traditional goods from Bulgaria as well as Latin southern Europe. Perfect breakfast place where you can enjoy in great selection of sweet and savory pastries, delicious coffees and homey atmosphere.
Specious tables and good wifi can also turn it into a wonderful spot for work if needed.

Balkan Bites (Crystal Garden Градина „Кристал“)
A free walking tour with a twist: food tasting!
For the difference to the original, they'll take you to some interesting restaurants and bars, some popular by locals, some serving very traditional food and couple of unique places with interesting concepts and vibes. The best part is each of them will offer you a specialty to taste, including local wine and after the whole tour you'll feel just like having a proper meal.
Sofia is the first city that came up with the idea and is organizing tours daily from 2-4 pm.



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  3. It seems like Sofia has got some amazing restaurants and cafes. I enjoyed reading about these dinning and coffee/tea places. I love the idea behind Balkan Bites, this food tour sounds great.


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