Why do we feel old?

"Do not fade Orlando, do not wither, do not grow old," (Virginia Woolf)

Once I was sharing a flight with a very interesting person. He was telling me about his life achievements, things he helped to develop and things he invented. I was truly impressed. As it was a charter flight with majority of us travelling to a youth festival, I simply asked if he's traveling somewhere else. But he told me he's going there as well. To present his work and inspire others, I assumed. And so he did, but I also later learned he was only 21 years old, while I was already older than that, except with no achievements of mine to show.

On another occasion my friend was telling me about her hopes and dreams and how things might not be going exactly the way she planned. She finished with "I'm not that young anymore, Tanja!" I felt pretty much the same, except  I was six years her senior.

I remember when my best friend, who's a year younger than me graduated, when I had no idea what will my thesis even be about.

And this is just some of the examples that made me feel old.

Truly feeling old has nothing to do with our actual age, but rather with the stage of our life we are at.

If you wake up every day with so many unfulfillments on your mind, so many things still undone, so many goals unreached. With the feeling that they should have been successfully ticked off your list years ago.
That this would be a great stage of life couple, or five, or 10 years ago, but truly just feels like miserable clinging on right now.

I always felt old. Not in regards to the rest of demographic, but just as a person. I've been the oldest of my siblings. I've become too old for this and that while it was still really acceptable for them.

So you can be only 15, only 11, only 8, and feel old, or too old already. While a person of 75 and more who fulfilled their life can embrace it, being at exactly where they'd want to be.

Age is one thing, but being old is truly the state of mind.



  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! This is also how I feel sometimes



  2. I agree that being old is only a state of mind! I know 70 year olds that are vibrant and full of life, and yet I know 20 year olds that are completely drained. It's all about mindset.

  3. Such a cute dress on you! I think age is just a number and shouldn't make us feel we need to have achieved certain things! I think everyone has a pretty interesting life, as we all have different stories, we just need a new perspective! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  4. Having promised myself that I'd never grow up (a sentiment and resolve borrowed from Peter Pan) I have tried to stay young mentally myself.
    Our perception of other peoples' ages can also be affected by how we see ourselves.
    It is not as easy for me to feel young when I look in a mirror or attempt selfies,
    nor when I feel aches and pains or have difficulty doing the same things I used to do with ease long ago.
    From my perspective you not only look, but are in fact very young
    (and I am really quite old).
    The dress you were wearing in the outfit photos above looks pretty,
    and you look fabulous wearing it!

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  5. I've never felt as old as I am, unless my back or knee is hurting tbh. I think it's a state of mind and we can do things that make us if youthful, and that helps. Beautiful pictures!

    love is zero

  6. I'm still "young", but never growing up is a feeling that has been put deep inside me. We all must accept that time passes. Great reflexion ♡

  7. Thank you so much for sharing. You are not alone.

  8. That's great!!! I really liked it!)) Follow you

  9. Thanks for sharin gyour thoughts. I think it's natural that sometimes we may feel that way.


  10. Great post! I really struggle with these feelings sometimes, but mostly now due to quarantine. All this time at home has made me question what I've done with my life and how little I've actually accomplished so far! But I'm trying to appreciate the things I have done and to be proud of them.
    Hope you're having a great day!

    Miles of smiles,


  11. I think people are in too much of a hurry to live

  12. Ah what a great post and so true. It is all a state of mind.

    Allie of

  13. I do agree, it is more about the state of mind that actual age.


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