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We skipped the whole season and after frost biting season suddenly summer was here. My favourite time. I must have fell in love with it long time ago, when I was still in school and this represented a time of freedom.
But I guess it still presents the time of freedom even now. We were finally free to leave our homes. We were finally free to see our friends and family abroad. And we were free of our heavy warm clothes, free to spend our days sunbathing on the terrace and sip our cocktails all evenings long. And we freed ourselves of our baggy casual wear, and I'm not gonna lie as a Loverbeauty I was among those people who put on some of their best looks just to return back to the outer world.

Loosing my personal chef and living in 4 story house were probably the only reasons I was able to do this without slimming bodysuit. It was certainly hard to put up any weight on my cooking experiments, but for the times when conditions would be more favourable it's good to know something like this exist.

Still empty, city definitely seemed fascinating, but it probably also made me appreciate cosiness of the home. As exciting as the post apocaliptic scene might have seem, it wasn't until the evening when I stumbled upon a riverside party that I felt like life is still there.

But for as long as all these precautions remains, I'm grateful for having a wonderful space I can hide in, a sunny terrace and a cosy room. If we get locked in again, I might need best tummy control panties before my next exit, but I know that this way I can be ready for anything.



  1. What a nice terrace! You look amazing!


  2. You look fabulous:** Have a lovely week!! 😍😍

  3. You look so beautiful in this dress. You're lucky you don't need any shapewear but it is always good to know that this option exists, isn't it?

  4. wow the first is just beautiful! :))
    Hi, would you like to follow each other?

  5. It feels good to get dressed up and the stairs are a great workout!!

  6. Summer will always be my favorite time of year! Love getting dressed up, and how gorgeous is your terrace <3

    Green Fashionista


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