Garden party

Remembering summers of my childhood, happiest time of my life. Time seem to have run differently back then. our parents, family and friends appeared to have way more of it, so they could send it with their loved ones.

It was common to just hang outside the house in the afternoons, something we rarely ever do these days, or have these little gatherings with whoever would come around. Adults would sit by the table and talk and us kids would run around the lawn having times of our lives.

Remembering spending these careless times with my cousins that I rarely see nowdays. This one time our grandfather found pieces of cardboard somewhere with huge flowers printed on them. One for each of us. And we watered them and nurtured them as if they were real.And then prepared a whole little theatre play to whoever was present there.

These days I wish I was plant as well, so they could spend same time with me.



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