New coat for new season (or what not to miss for Newchic black friday 2020 deals)

 It's no secret that I'm pretty much a big hoarder. Not to extremes that you can see on some TV shows, but if you offer me an item, I would much rather save it for just in case instead of throwing it away. Despite not having so much space and way too many things already, well, you never know. 

At the beginning of this year as the equaitance was moving away, he left behind a nice asortiment of interesting things, including some cool old fashioned winter coats. As somebody who's freezing as soon as weather drops below 10°C, I gladly gathered most of them and started wearing them despite most being way over my size. I almost felt posh rocking all this old goldies, until one day somebody close to me gave me an honest remark, saying I look like a poor person and if I hav nothing to wear...

Well, to avoid this shame and embarrassment in this winter season Newchick is offering some amazing black Friday deals. Of course you can find many incredible things, from indoor wear to keep you cosy during lockdown, to awesome shoes and accessories, but what caught my attention the most were cheap leather jackets, long coats, mlitary jackets and winter trench coats.

The Black Friday sale will be going on till 7th December, with amazing deals from coupons to discounts, and on the black Friday weekend also flash deals and free shipping to selected countries.



  1. I love Black Friday concept but deals in the UK are not that fantastic. One day maybe will match what the US has to offer xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  2. Me too... I like collecting things and get rid of them after many years when I finally realize I have never used them.
    These items are cute!

  3. I tend to save things for a while to see if I end up using them, too!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. I like to keep things in case I need them later too, haha! I think that coat is lovely on you too, how mean someone said such horrible things to you for dressing warmly!

    Hope that you are having a nice week :)

    Away From The Blue | Handbag Gift Guide


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