The parallel universe

Some days ago I was browsing through my old photos, just trying to find few most memorable pictures to put on my wall. This easy and simple task turned into hours long reminiscing, as I ended up examining all the folders from the 2018, undoubtedly the best year of my life.

While periodically searching trough the photos month by month and place by place, I also stumbled upon a folder of artistic pictures taken by my friend and me while we were camping in Georgia in early summer of that year. There were few members in our group with some proper DSLRs and we decided to borrow one to practice our photographic skills. The evening was already turning to the night and the light was rapidly fading away. We were figuring out how to use features along the way and even though we were referring to each other as supermodels, that's far from what we were. 

I have no idea who I took the hat or the cardigan from, I have no idea who's the camera was and where will the pictures end up, hence I didn't even know where I was. With messy hair I certainly didn't brush for days and legs full of doodles either made by me or somebody else. But the genuine happiness captured in these images is what anchored my heart. And that is exactly what was also the most heartbreaking thing browsing through these old folders. On so many photos from those days, even when trying hard, I just couldn't keep the straight face, I was always breaking out in laughter and truly genuinely smiling.

The whole Georgian experience was one of a kind for me, especially the camping part. Here the comparison is in place; if you've ever seen movie The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton, where a group of youngsters end up living on a beautiful island somewhere by the Thai coast. I don't want to insert spoiler alerts, but upon his return home Leo's character receives a photo from someone he met there, capturing everyone smiling and happy, titled "Parallel universe". 

Being stuck at home for this long that's exactly how those old memories feel to me now, but the ones from Georgia kinda felt like that even before. We spent magnificent 10 days far away from everything we know, from civilization and reality. Well, there were couple of small farms around and walking for an hour or two would get you to the village. We were also delighted to have perks of modern civilization, such as running water and electricity (even though not for all days since a great storm cut the supply of those). To this day I don't even know where I was exactly, somewhere north-east in the mountains I'd say, but in all that time I couldn't even be bothered to check it on a map.

Because even though there was so much of every-day life missing, I had everything of what I needed exactly there with me. Not just food and shelter, but isolation from all the worries and freedom. And the people who made me feel accepted and loved  We needed nothing to bother us and nothing to keep us entertained. We had each other and that was enough, more then just enough, it was beyond what I had for ages. Returning back to the real world it soon turned out how many of those relationships were completely unreal and dysfunctional, but for the time being our little tribe was perfect just as it was.

It was before the things fell apart in my life, before world started falling apart as well, before pandemic, before crushing of dreams and before another pointless war. Us, the nature, the warmth of the summer, stars on the night sky, air you can breathe on full lungs and the isolation that actually meant freedom.

It was so surreal, but yet more true than many other experiences of my life. And it is to this day that I wonder how our lives and our bonds would develop if all of that would be true. If that could be how we are living. If everything we believed in back then was not just in our minds.

It's hard to put such an experience and all these surreal feelings to words, but to me the title of parallel universe, where we were so shielded from the outer world and purely free to be happy will always describe it the best.

Photos by  @your.ninelle



  1. What fabulous photos! They work as both portraits and records of a fun time. That's one big reason I post pictures on my blog, to remind me later of great times I had traveling and socializing.

    Thanks for introducing me to your wonderful blog. I plan to haunt it!

  2. I love the vibe of these photos! So edgy and cool.


  3. What a fun shoot! I adore the hat and cozy sweater.

  4. Theses pictures are so cool.
    I also love to look back at my old pictures and got all the memories back.
    Such beautiful words.

  5. Great shots! Seems like you had lots of fun :)
    have an amazing day,

  6. These must have been so fun to look back on!

  7. I know how you feel. I have not had the easiest of lives and have suffered a lot of hardship but I did have some happy times and now I look back on them with fondness and sadness for so many things. Love these photos!

    And thank you for the kind words on my blog

    Allie of

  8. All photos look beautiful.
    Your photo poses are cool too.
    Greetings from Indonesia.

  9. You genuinely looked so happy. Beautiful pictures. I can understand why you look back on them to ground yourself, especially during the pandemic. Hope you have a beautiful day :)

  10. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing!

    Diana - Hijab Sporty Looks Ideas

  11. You really look happy in the photos, which even looked beautiful :)
    It is good to review old photos and relive moments.
    I feel like visiting Georgia, it looks really cool.

  12. Your photos and that editorial are so beautiful. It is nice to see how you smiling and enjoy in that photo shooting.

    New Post -

  13. What beautiful photographs. Those photographs of you smiling are precious. I think I understand what you mean by parallel universe. Some experiences feel like that- almost too good to be true. It is strange how cut away from everything we know and hold dear, we sometimes feel most like ourselves. I often felt this overwhelming feeling of peace and happiness when I was in remote places, natural parks and so on. I'm sure if I lived there all the time, in complete isolation, that kind of life would possibly be boring to me and yet for short amounts of time, nothing feels better. It is as by being isolated in the wilderness gives us a better perspective of things. I do remember that film. I also read the book it was based on and that was very interesting as well.

    As for relationships, there is a saying I love- just because a friendship didn't last, it doesn't mean it wasn't true while it lasted...I think we all sometimes change and life changes us, things and emotions are always subject to change....that doesn't mean they weren't genuine while they lasted.

    1. That's so beautifully said, what a wonderful saying <3
      I didn't know that movie was based on a book, I definitely need to look for it!

  14. This place looks like a grown up playground! how fun!

    District of Chic

  15. Such fun photos! it looks like a cute place to play and explore, it's so nice that you were able to enjoy it and have such fond memories to look back on :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :) It's a hot one here!

    Away From The Blue

  16. These are such fun photos! I can achingly relate to your words - I travelled australia solo and spent many random weeks with near-strangers who felt like best friends, and had these pure and fun adventures only to come back to the real world and have it feel almost dreamlike xx

    mia //

  17. cool photos!
    have a great weekend,

  18. I hope that normal life and world which we knew before 2020 will come back,
    I miss traveling so much.
    Beautiful and amazing pictures!

  19. These photos are so moody and chic, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  20. Ohh so nice. With this post you're totally taking me back to happier times.
    Have a lovely day! <3 Radi

  21. This place is so beautiful and peaceful! I do understand what you mean by parallel universe, I feel the same sometimes, being out of everything allowed us to refocus on us and what is really important.
    Friendships are many and different, all important in their own way.
    xx Dasynka

  22. This looks like such a wonderful adventure. Those spontaneous times with old friends and new, un planned creativity is always the best.

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  24. Beautiful photos, dear. Love this journey



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