Once you go black...

While many things get limited when the country shuts down, I feel like being cut from your daily entertainment can awake a whole new sort of creativity. So lately my housemate and I couldn't stop talking about dyeing our hair in some crazy colours, since not many people are going to see us and we can now more than ever afford to go wrong. I was fancying all the unnatural shades of the rainbow way before they became mainstream, just to think of my "want to have some blue highlights, but turned out like a sea monster" from over 10 years ago that I then repeated few times. But for the last few years I had to stick to the natural tones and give up experimenting due to my work requirements.

So it was now more perfect time than ever to mess up my head décor and not pay for the consequences. However, our very mixed schedules disallowed us to ever get together and make it happen. Still, my friend works at a really cute dinner/café, that besides food and drinks also has a small shop including different products, among which I also found natural henna colour. We decided to get a pack for experimenting, even though it's initially meant for hair dyeing, we wanted to try ourselves in some hand art of temporary tattoos. We didn't have any right equipment, such as cones to distribute the colour, and we generally didn't know what we're doing, but the whole process was still a lot of fun. We created some very basic shapes and patterns that weren't even that bad for the first time.

If you ignore all the smeared parts and mess we've created in the bathroom I can declare our first henna art attempt quite successful. However not knowing how to mix dye to the proper thickness and with all together six packs of it in the box, we've got quite some of it left by the time we decided we're decorated enough. And since I hate seeing anything go to waste, and I was feeling especially artsy and experimental anyway, I decided to spread the rest of the paint around my hair. I found the regular painting brush, striped to my already black undershirt and give it a go. Despite having over shoulder length hair now, two small packs of compound turned out to be enough, and with a little help from my roommate to fix me the unseen parts, I was turned to a black haired in no time. There only came the wait for the dye to settle, during which we tried to return our pretty light bathroom to its previous immaculate state.

The minutes passed, I was standing by the sink, looked into the mirror above and when I for the first time saw my reflection of pale complexioned face and now crazy dishevelled pitch black hair my initial thought was: "I look just like Tommy Wiseau!".

Not in a truly bad way necessary, and my hair's already been dark before, but never so purely black that this thought kept follow me for days whenever I passed a mirror with my hair down. However, it perfectly matched with my devil costume I had to wear to children's party for saint Nicholas.

If I've been told the truth, the colour could wash out in couple of months, there's certainly no traces left on our skin (only in our bathroom), but I started to really enjoy my changed and brand new look, and who knows what I'll be experimenting with next.

Here's the memory of my last attempt with that dark blue dye.



  1. Black is that one hair colour I'm not sure I could ever pull off, but it really suits you! And I'm loving the moody photos!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  2. Being creative is always a good thing. It's lovely you two had fun with henna art. You look great with black hair. I dyed my hair black maybe a month ago. I sometimes keep my hair natural but when I do dye it, I usually go for black.

  3. You look fantastic! This shade suits you nicely :)


  4. if someone ask me, what your favorite color, i will choose blue. but blue, i though not good for my hair :D then i choose black or blonde

  5. Ah, you look beautiful!
    My dream is to have colored hair, blue, green, pink ... Maybe in the future.
    But really, this time at home is the best time to do some little crazy things haha


  6. I think this dark shade suits you so well!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  7. Haha that is too funny but the black hair looks nice. It is a shock at first I use to dye my hair black back in my goth days.

    Allie of

  8. I loved your hair! I have a very dark brown hair but already used it black for a time.


    Anete Oliveira

    Blog Coisitas e Coisinhas



  9. I love dark hair! It looks gorgeous on you!

    District of Chic

  10. Wow, it is fantastic to took the opportunity to colour your hair and I see you are really happy with the result! Sometime we really should have the courage to take risks - and we will be rewarded!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  11. Oh this is so cool to enjoy theses crazy times by trying new things.
    I love this dark color on you.

  12. You look gorgeous with black hair, amazing pictures!

  13. the new color looks so good on you :)



  14. Ohh that's fun...trying new hair colors. You look amazing!
    Happy Holidays! <3 Radi


  15. I've always wanted to experiment with fun colors in my hair, but my job makes it difficult. Loved hearing about your experience and those pictures are beautiful!
    Happy Holidays,

  16. You are giving me ideas to color my hair too.

    Happy Holidays!


  17. I am digging your look! As long as you love it, that's all that matters :)


  18. Your black hair is so beautiful! I used to try different hair colors in my twenties!


  19. Acho interessante o seu jeito de falar das coisas, sempre parece diferente e, sim a cor ficou boa, é importante usar a criatividade, gosto da intensidade que o novo pode trazer.


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