Those who are destined to be hanged are not going to drown

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

For every challenge encountered there's an opportunity for growth.

I'm trying to start this year off with some fierce and strengthening quotes, since it became very clear by now it will take many more weeks and months (perhaps even years) for life to return to what we used to refer to normal. We're lucky we mostly don't have to endure any physical hardship, but our minds certainly can't afford to get weak during these times. And it's the strength of our minds and minds of those around us that will keep getting us forward while so much of the world is standing still.

Funnily enough, we didn't bother buying calendars this year, but ended up reusing some of the old ones. Days of the weeks don't particularly matter to us, but it's interesting to scan trough first few months, the last time before what we know will forever be changed. 

I do not want to sound negative, but I sincerely hate it when people say things such as "Clutch your teeth, the life will sooner or later return to normal." But what "normal" will it be to so many of us? Those who lost loved ones, those who lost jobs, businesses and homes, and all of us who lost freedom. I can imagine that eventually life will return to its old trails and will look pretty much the same to anyone looking at it from the outside, but taking it story by story, person by person, it could never be the same. I know for myself that even if things go back to where they were for society, my life could only return back to normal from when I was still living at home, from when I was still forcing myself to study and find a mediocre job to please the society, it could never return to my days of freedom and liberty and true rootlessness, to the time when I myself actually felt normal.

But hey, those who are destined to be hanged are not going to drown. So surviving all the crap that was thrown at us in the past, we can overcome this as well.

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  1. Não sei se sairemos tão rápido dessa situação ,mas teremos que crescer como pessoas porque não é possível que tenha pessoas que ainda não aprendeu com toda essa situação. Beijos!

  2. Great inspiring quotes. I also like your fierce photos! Life definitely won't be as it once was, even if the pandemic ends soon.

  3. I can use this as this year is already starting off a bit challenging. Wow, love this fierce look and makeup on you!


  4. I think everyone will be a little bit different when this situation is over, some massively, but I don't know if normal is going to be the same for anyone. These photos are incredible!


  5. So much is our mindset, right?? I think human are quite resilient, so we pull through.

  6. You're so right about the people who think things will go 'back to normal'. It will be a very long time, and realistically it won't be the same again. Loving these shots by the way! So fierce!

    Eileen |

  7. This is a perfect post, considering what a nightmare this week has been. Here's to better moments in the new year...


  8. Very inspiring post and so true! I love how you shared your honest thoughts - and you look stunning in the photos. Here's to a more hopeful year xx

  9. I love the message in this post. Also, you are killing it in those photos! Gorgeous!

    Katie |

  10. Very cool post! Thanks for the inspiration and love these amazing photos!

  11. I'm loving your photoshoot so much here.
    Your pictures made the message so strong.

  12. Amazing post, all the best for the new year!

  13. the strenght on this post and pictures! amazing!


  14. Hey dear!

    Here in Brazil the people are using the words "new normal" for this 'normal life' that we have to be ready to live, but I hate this words. The things won't be normal for a ... Long time? Or a shorter than we expect? I don't know!
    As you ,I'm trying to full my thoughts of strength thoughts and trying to survive day by day... We'll overcome through this!
    I wish you a wonderful week!

    Pâm (I followed you in Instagram :)
    Blog Interrupted Dreamer

  15. I didn't bother buying a planner this year for the same reason... Feels like it wouldn't be utilized to its maximum potential. This is kind of why people keep talking about the new normal... Whatever seems trending right now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

    Nancy ✨

  16. What fun photos to accompany this post! I agree, life is retuning more to a "new normal" than a true normal but it's something we can all easily adapt to I think :)

    Hope that you had a great weekend! Ours was a nice quiet one at home with the 3 day Brisbane lockdown due to there being a case of coronavirus outside hotel quarantine, but lockdown ends tonight as there have been no more cases :)

    Away From Blue

  17. what a cool post!!!

  18. Cool pics and love the wonderful quotes.


  19. It is the reality, you are not sounding negative. Love your costume.

    The Style Fanatic

  20. I understand your negativity and discouragement, but we have to believe that things will get better.
    I liked the photos, very wild.

  21. Hello
    I also think that, when are we going to get out of this situation? And how? This is an endless nightmare! and, on top of that, we cannot afford to be mentally ill, we have to be strong, and your photos represent that strength we have to have!

  22. I wonder why is life still normal for politicians? Nobody took their freedom, work or business.
    Amazing pictures!

  23. Such a good post! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  24. What amazing photos to go with the post! I totally agree with 'what is normal', it's definitely going to be a bit different from what it was before xx

    Hannah |

  25. Hi!
    I believe that fierce quotes should be everyones mantra to keep it together this year!

  26. Very strong message and I love the photos.
    It will definitely be so different once the pandemic ends. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

  27. All we can do now is to survive. Things won't go back to normal like they used to be, but we will soon find what they called new normal. Stay safe and healthy, also productive dear! I admire your look!


  28. Concordo que vamos precisar ser ferozes para superar tudo isto!
    Beijos, Nada Produtiva ♥️♥️♥️

  29. Love this fierce look, and your inspiring quote. I agree that we won't return to the same 'normal" as before, but I hope we can find a new normal where we can move forward.
    Julia x

  30. What an interesting post! Great pictures too :)
    have a great start in the new week,

  31. Oh wow, the imagery in this blog post is so powerful! Completely agree, we just have to keep trudging forwards :) x

  32. I enjoyed the 'realness' of your post. I'm glad that I stopped by again for another visit to your blog.

  33. Great styling - very cool!
    And right - we may go back to some form of "normal", but we won't be the same anymore. (But do we WANT to be the same? ...)
    All the best, stay strong and healthy

  34. What an amazing photo shoot! Have a great week!
    PerlaGiselle |

  35. Wow! Sei fantastica in questi scatti

  36. I loved the quotes and the pictures.


    Anete Oliveira

    Blog Coisitas e Coisinhas



  37. This is such a good post, and a truly inspiring way to start the year. Totally agree that we won't return to "normal" but hopefully we'll come out of this with something better. I hope something good can come out of so much bad, Thanks for sharing this <3

    // xx

  38. I hope we learn something good with this situation!
    cool post!

  39. You are so right We can survive to another challenge I feel life challenges are endless but I hope to find a place in life where everything will be wonderful. Love the pictures here Have a lovely day Cris

  40. Love this photo exotic! I know times are tough and you have every right to feel as you do. Things have been more open here in the United States, so I am so grateful for that. I hope you can begin to get out more soon!

  41. Fun and fierce photo shoot! I am in awe of the imagery as well as your writing.. Llife as we know it is in a transformation mode. It is as they say, what it is...


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